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The Design F/X plugin streamlines your ability to work with your office CAD details. From drafting and organization to easy callouts and edits, Design F/X makes details a snap. 

General Usage Instructions

Details Preferences - Details Preferences include settings for detail sizes and callouts.

Detail Explorer - Our detailed organization system gives you access to your entire detail folder structure directly from CAD. You can use it to see which details are saved where, view a thumbnail image of your details, edit or delete details, and move or copy them to another category location.

Create a New Detail - When you first create a detail, you're initially laying it out at full scale. Once you've initially laid out your detailed configuration, you can finish it with items that do require scale, such as; Dimensions, Hatch Patterns, and Text.

Detail Blocks - Our library of detail blocks contains a wide variety of components you might use in building a detail, from wood framing to metal connectors, masonry units, pre-cast concrete trim, plant container sizes, irrigation equipment, etc. 

Detail Enlargement Tools - When building details you'll often find yourself needing to provide a close-up view of a detail component that shows a more intricate and detailed view of that component. One of the biggest challenges in creating these enlarged sections lies in maintaining the same dimensions between the main object in the detail and its close-up component. Our Detail Enlargement tools make this process quick and foolproof.

Detail Annotation & Callouts - Build your details with our diverse set of callout styles and other annotation tools.

Save Your Office Details - Once you've placed a Detail Template, you can save that detail into our detailed system. You'll then be able to access your detail from the Detail Manager and the Detail Explorer.

Use Your Details in a DWG - There are several ways to add detail to your project, this page will guide you through them.

Details & Refnotes - Want to place a site object or hatch? Try using Reference Notes. Our Reference Notes (RefNotes) tool allows you to place site amenities, mulches, and any other site object you can think of - while also assigning data such as cost by unit, area, length, or volume.

List Your Details in a Schedule - Once you've associated a detail with a Reference Note and placed it in your DWG, you can list that detail in the Reference Note Schedule.

Detail Callouts - Graphic symbols that indicate the detail number and sheet number of a particular detail location. This callout type can be one of two variations: a "dumb" callout called a PlaceHolder Callout, or a "smart" callout called a Detail Callout. You can use these callouts within details, or in Paper Space to call out details.




Download and run setup_DesignFX.exe.

Once you download the installer from the Autodesk App Store you should receive an email from Land F/X with your Support ID, you'll use this during the installation.

On the Support ID window enter the Support ID you received in your email and click Next to continue. NOTE: An internet connection is required in order to install/utilize the plugin as our libraries are all cloud based. 

Choose your destination folder and follow the onscreen prompts to install the software. 



Open Add or Remove Programs

Locate and uninstall Design F/X.

Additional Information

Design F/X includes the following ribbons and tools: F/X Admin, F/X Details

Planting F/X includes: F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Details, and F/X Planting

Irrigation F/X includes: F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Details, F/X Planting, and F/X Irrigation

Only one of our plugins may be installed at a time, in order to install a different version (i.e. Design F/X, Planting F/X, Irrigation F/X) the currently installed edition must be removed first.  

Known Issues


Company Name: Land F/X
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Land F/X

Support Information

- +1 805-541-1003

Ask questions to us directly instead of in the reviews below, and get a faster response (same day).

Version History

Version Number Version Description


HotFix: Bloom Schedule, supports running on plants in xref.


AutoCAD 2019 is no longer supported. Lighting, Fixture callouts, support attribute tag VOLT of calculated voltage. HotFix: Photo Callout, compatible with AntView 1.1.


Civil and Survey Manager, Northing/Easting Points, Delete, also deletes point in drawing. Grading Legend, renamed to Civil and Survey Legend, also added to language strings for customization. HotFix: CONCEPTSCHEDULE_NEW, rounding of quantities in labels matches precision in schedule.


HotFix: RefNotes, manufacturer-based hatch patterns, download on demand.


Insert Detail Template, 1" = 5' added to imperial scales. Mimic, supports selecting Stipple as source or destination. Startup, BLOCKMRULIST set to 0. PolyOptimize, dialog switched to Modeless; multiple minor improvements with processing logic. HotFix: RefNotes, additional validation when attempting to detect embedded material data. HotFix: Plot scale validation, does not regard 1" = 1' Decimal as an invalid scale.


ENTERPRISE command, merged into Install Info dialog from Preferences. BatchMan, Nuke option added to save options. BatchMan, Layer Names and Colors functionality improved with pre-scanning of files, and new dialog box. HotFix: RefNote Schedule, site amenity material color data is removed from description. HotFix: Common function to determine if object is inside of area, for Multileaders uses arrow end-point if possible.


HotFix: When placing site amenities, pressing C or V to copy along a line or polyline, copies have embedded data correct applied.


RefNotes, Site Amenities store Model ID for future linking with additional data.


HotFix: Welcome screen, will not appear blank with Chromium browser installed.


Cloud Data, all data calls standardized as Post operations. HotFix: All manager palettes, when switching to a blank drawing from one that has run an update, will not generate error. HotFix: Detail Manager, Renumber, additional error handling for detail missing number assignment.


Edit RefNote dialog, Symbol, Color, and Photo, options consolidated into dialog. Drawing lighting wiring, supports right click to repeat. HotFix: RefNotes, do not mistakenly display schematic irrigation areas. HotFix: Match Object, using keyboard commands to advance to next block, downloads missing blocks from correct source folder. HotFix: Highlight Station, highlights drip areas when called from manager or directly selecting drip hatch.


All schedules, with output to Table, table style LAFX-SCHEDULE created. Custom Line, linetype created with text rotation set to Upright. HotFix: Detail Explorer, dragging and dropping folders, correctly aborts if existing category of same code.


Lighting, drawing wiring, able to toggle between drawing lines and arcs. Lighting Schedule, includes work area title. Startup, RegApp warning dialog, timeout limited to 30 seconds, Quit button added.


HotFix: Slope callout, selecting two spot elevations will not generate error.


Common function to place framed Mleader, automatically adds a mask.


Update 16.91 RefNote Manager, when importing items with assigned details and preference option to copy details to project folder, details are copied and reassigned. Detail Explorer, allows creating a detail category after index file has been erased; alerts user if path is invalid or file is damaged. HotFix: Match Properties, when windowing objects to replace, circles are only considered valid if one was chosen first.


Update 16.90 Insert Detail Template, adjusts template width to match setting in Preferences; changes to detail template width do not require also making source block match exactly. Krona and Krone added to currency symbol options. HotFix: Editing a Concept Graphics Area, Add Field button functionality restored.


Update 16.70 HotFix: Common function to automate a framed Mleader, compatible with non-English AutoCAD installs. HotFix: Preferences, Block Layer Colors, saving of revised colors with local data will not generate the error.


Initial release


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