CADMin Shortest Path

CADMin Shortest Path

Win32 and 64, English

Benovi Engineering, Ltd.
Finds the shortest path between two points in a road network.

General Usage Instructions

Create the road network from lines and polylines. The objects must be broken out on every intersection with another.

Initially, the objects must be defined as “Section”.

  • Run the command CADMinShortestPathSection
  • Select all the objects at once
  • Add the Description.
  • Select the Direction (One- Directional or Bi-Directional)

To find the shortest path between two points

  • Run the command ‘CADMinShortestPathCalculate’
  • Select the starting point and ending point.


There are other options such as Clear Path, Export Path, Activate/Deactivate section and Toggle Annotation to optimize the path calculation. These options can be used after creating the section and calculating the shortest path.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Clears the last calculated shortest path from drawing window.


Toggles the display of the section's info - road section name, length and direction.


Activates/deactivates a road section. Deactivated road sections will not be used to find the shortest path.


Converts linear entity (line and polyline) into section. This is required before calculating the shortest path. Select a linear object (maybe multiple or all at once), enter description and direction (one-way or two-way). Below the section are drawn the description, direction and length if there is enough room.


Calculates the shortest path between two points over network of linear objects. The points must lie on start or end point of a section.


Export the shortest path to MS Excel worksheet.


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Benovi Engineering, Ltd.

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Added 2020 support. No change in version number.
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