TL Sight Distance

TL Sight Distance

Win32 and 64, English

Todor Latev
A road design productivity tool to quickly visualize horizontal sight distance lines along a polyline alignment.

General Usage Instructions

Start by offsetting your alignment to create a polyline object along the centerline of the travel lane or whatever your local standards and regulations stipulate. Issue the TLSightDistance command and adjust the Distance and Step Parameters then select your alignment. The app will generate sightlines of varying length along the alignment at "Step" intervals, connecting points exactly "Distance" apart measured along the center line of the alignment thus visualizing the sight distance "envelope".

All generated lines will be combined in an anonymous group for easy manipulation.

Press the "Esc" key at any point to abort the command.

Note that in order to maximize compatibility the command is designed to work with standard Autodesk® AutoCAD® polylines and not Civil 3D objects.



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Visualizes horizontal sight distance lines along a polyline alignment


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Todor Latev

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For questions/comments/suggestions/bug reports etc please send an email to

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Updated release.
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