Autodesk Social Share 2016-2017

Autodesk Social Share 2016-2017

Win32 and 64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
This plug-in allows you to share a drawing on Facebook by posting a link to a copy stored, and publicly shared, on Autodesk® 360.

General Usage Instructions

Create a public copy of the current drawing on Autodesk 360 and share this link on Facebook.

To Share the Current Drawing on Facebook

Click Plug-ins tab > Share on Facebook, or enter SOCIALSHARE.


NOTE: The drawing may need to be saved before it can be uploaded to Autodesk 360, or you may choose to use the last saved version.

  • If the drawing is new, un-named, and has never been saved, you are prompted to save it before proceeding. Once saved, the drawing will be uploaded to Autodesk 360.
  • If the drawing has already been saved, or has not been changed since being opened, you must agree to upload the drawing to Autodesk 360.
  • Login to Autodesk 360, or create an account, if necessary.
  • After the drawing is uploaded to Autodesk 360, a URL is generated for the drawing.
  • If necessary, login to Facebook.
  • When the Post to Your Wall dialog is displayed, add any additional information you would like to share and click Share.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


This plug-in makes use of Autodesk 360 Documents to store a copy of the current drawing and share it publicly. To Share the drawing with friends on Facebook, the plug-in delivers a link to Facebook that will be posted on your wall.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this plug-in from Autodesk App Store has already installed the plug-in. You may need to restart AutoCAD to activate the plug-in.


If you have an older version of the plugin already installed in your computer, the new plugin won't override it. Instead 2016-2017 version will coexist with the previous version.

You may choose to uninstall the plugin with previous versions.

To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) or Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP), and uninstall as you would any other application from your system. The panel on the Plug-ins tab will not be removed until AutoCAD is restarted.

Additional Information

Known Issues

  • Use of the Social Share plug-in requires Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8, or later.
  • When updating and re-sharing a previously shared drawing, the drawing thumbnail may temporarily be an older version. The thumbnail will be updated on the Facebook posts (for the new and old posts) when the thumbnail image is generated on Autodesk 360.
  • If you are already logged into Autodesk 360, within AutoCAD, you may experience a connection error when trying to share to Facebook. Log out of Autodesk 360 (within AutoCAD) and share the drawing again.
  • Clicking Cancel before sharing to Facebook may result in the erroneous Command line message Your link is posted to Facebook. If you cancel the operation, nothing is shared.


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