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This tool is used to import PDF files directly into AutoCAD®. If the PDF file contains vector geometry, it will result in polylines in AutoCAD. If the PDF contains text annotations, they become Mtext objects. Images embedded in the PDF are extracted and placed as IMAGE references.



  • Visual preview before importing.
  • Optionally insert object as a block.
  • Handles multiple page files with ease.
  • Generates paths as polylines for smaller file size.
  • Embedded images become AutoCAD Image references.
  • PDF text objects become AutoCAD Mtext.


Important Notes: This product imports but does not convert PDF objects.


  1. What appears as line work in a PDF may be a raster image. During import they will remain as raster images, they are not vectors. If your PDF came from a scanner, you have an image! Sometimes high resolution scans look like vectors but they are not. To check for yourself, open the PDF in Adobe's free viewer and zoom to 800%+ to see the rough edges confirming an image.
  2. What appear as Text in a PDF may be vectors or filled paths. During import they will remain as such, they are not converted to text objects. To check this open the PDF in the Adobe free viewer and use the find tool on what appears to be text. If the viewer highlights it, your results will be Mtext objects. 

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Version 2.3.0, 3/23/2017

Minor revision for AutoCAD® 2015-2016 compatibility

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