DWG/DXF Compare Autodesk® AutoCAD® - Trial

DWG/DXF Compare Autodesk® AutoCAD® - Trial

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DWG/DXF Compare plugin compares two drawing files and the comparison result is shown in a new AutoCAD window. The comparison result is also stored in a new file for later use.

 It has following feature :


  1. This plugin compares two DWG/DXF files.
  2. By default the color preferences are set as follows for entities in result DWG file,
    1) Unchanged entities are shown in Grey color
    2) Modified entities are shown in Green color
    3) Delete entities are shown in Red color
    4) New added entities are shown in Blue color.
  3. User can change the color preferences and choose any colors from Color Preferences dialog.
  4. Supports AutoCAD Version 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Notes :


  1. We are providing 10 trials of the plugin in which you can use full set of features without any limitations. You will need to activate this plugin after 10 trials.
  2. The cost of paid version of this product is 99 USD. You can buy the paid version from here.
  3. For activation please contact at: support@prototechsolutions.com
  4. For licensing and more information about the product please click here


Version History    Release Date : 28-Jun-2017

1. Update: Added support for AutoCAD 2019.
2. Update: Updated technical support contact details.    Release Date : 22-Feb-2017

1. Enhancement - GUI improved.    Release Date : 22-Jul-2017

1. Feature - Distinguish the entities added in second file.
2. Enhancement - Optimized algorithm to improve comparison speed.
3. Added support of AutoCAD version 2017.    Release Date : 17-Jul-2015

1. Fixed issue with license activation.    Release Date : 15-Apr-2015

1. Supports AutoCAD version 2016.    Release Date : 30-May-2014

1. Supports AutoCAD version 2015.
2. Trial period has changed 5 to 10 times.    Release Date : 11-Apr-2014

1.  Fixed bugs related to 32 bit version of AutoCAD 

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About This Version

Version, 4/26/2018
1. Update: Added support for AutoCAD 2019. 2. Update: Updated technical support contact details.

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  • Excellent tool
    Jason Burdick | March 28, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    DWG/DXF Compare is extremely useful software.  (I purchased it before I had even finished my trial.)  It makes it easy to spot differences – even in very busy drawings.  This saves so much time and effort for verifying changes and revision control that this plugin is now a part of my regular workflow.  Their customer service is excellent.  Thanks for a great product and great support!

  • Great to compare versions
    Thiyagarajan natarajan | March 16, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This version we will work on our Mechinal Drawings it will work.

  • Invaluable
    Brandy Holstein | May 21, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Great to compare versions of floorplans when it works...

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