CAD Monkey Lite (Legacy)

CAD Monkey Lite (Legacy)

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Note: CAD Monkey Lite (Legacy) is intended for Autodesk® AutoCAD® applications on version 2017. (And for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical 2017, 2018 and 2019.)


CAD Monkey is a program created by an Architect and a Programmer. Together, these partners created the program with one goal in mind; give time back to the design professional to focus on their trade. CAD Monkey is not here to replace the creative function of Architects, Engineers or Designers. It’s your time and fee so spend it where you want to! 


CAD Monkey automates the process of creating External References (or XREFs) and linking multiple drawings together saving you time to do what you care about. 


CAD Monkey Lite introduces “File Trees”; a new way to save different file structures to better serve the diverse types of projects you work on.  If you’re an architect who does small test fits, square footage calcs, stacking diagrams, interior renovations and new base building construction you’ll be able to save up to 6 different File Trees saving time no matter how big or small the job is. 


Each File Tree will create up to twelve model space files linked together however you see fit, and then you can create up to twelve paper space files to complete your set of drawings. 


Once you’ve completed the Configuration and built your File Trees, just enter the project number, pick the File Tree and titleblock for this project, and we will create all the drawings and XREF them together. 

Within seconds you’ll have a project specific set of CAD documents created so you can get to work. 

We start by asking you a few simple questions about what you want your file structure to look like. 

You can choose to have standard AutoCAD templates or your own firm’s specific templates. 

If you’re using AutoCAD 2018 or 2019 then all your XREFs are set up as Relative Path references meaning you can move all your files to a project specific folder and not have to worry about the files disconnecting. If you’re still using AutoCAD 2017 then your XREFs will be Full Path 


Because we know you are visual people, we’ve included many descriptive images.  


Still have questions, comments, ideas to make CAD Monkey work better? We’d love to hear from you at

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