JTB Layout Palette Trial

JTB Layout Palette Trial

Digitally signed app



Manage drawings with many layouts more easily in a palette.


Run command LAYOUTPALETTE or click to the ribbon panel to Show or Hide the Layout Palette. You can quickly browse for layout, add, delete or edit name like working on a spreadsheet. This app is for you when there are too many layouts, or the layout names are too long to effectively work with out-of-the-box Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


Quickly show only the layouts you want to see with filters.


Purchase this app on the Autodesk App Store here. The trial is working with full functionality for 30 days.


JTB Layout Palette app page on JTB World's website.


Elevated user privileges are required to install this product. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Trial Description

Trial version usage is limited to drawing file size of less than 700 objects.

About This Version

Version 2.3.1, 9/22/2021
Minor enhancement in font size and editing UI.

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