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Solar Photovoltaic PV Construction Documents design software. Size conductors, conduit, and grounding systems for AC and DC power production. We offer extreme flexibility, the grid-tie inverters can be connected in any manner.

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Add multiple panels and dictate which inverters connect. Define Underground, Exterior, Interior, and Rooftop uniquely for each output circuit. It will measure all distances automatically and calculate all de-rated capacities and currents. Voltage drop calculations are performed automatically and you can adjust conductor sizes uniquely per circuit. No longer measure the worst case and generalize the cost across the entire design.


  • Automatic Voltage Drop Calculations – Adjust Real-time and Recalculate
  • Available Fault Current – Ability to start from an unknown value using the infinite bus
  • One-Click Single Line Diagram Components
  • Feeder Schedule
  • Equipment Schedule
  • System Summary Table
  • DC Voltage Drop Table
  • System Temperature Data
  • DC String Amperage Calculation
  • DC String Voltage Correction Factor Calculation
  • DC String Voltage Calculation
  • Detailed Inverter Calculations – Showing 75 degree column minimum ampacity and 90 degree column derating as applicable to each branch
  • String Inverters and AC Combiner Panels with unlimited quantities and connections in any order
  • DC/DC Converter Integrated
  • Micro Inverter Designs
  • Multiple Points of Interconnection in One Drawing File
  • Conduit and Conductor Sizing – AC, DC, Grounding, Bonding for Construction Documents
  • Customizable with an Options file – Even Equipment Names can be customized to your standards
  • Customizable Calculations – Add fuses and bus ratings as you find them available
  • Automatically Measure all Distances – Add a safety factor to cover for ups and downs
  • Manual Override of Automatically Measured Values
  • Records all Settings for Ease of Plan Check Response and Design Adjustments
  • Allow Use or Disallow Use of Article 240.4(B)
  • Automatically Adjust Size of Ground and Neutral to Comply with 250.122(B)
  • Track Material Costs of Different Scenarios, Customizable Costs
  • Medium Voltage Service tie-in, or Medium Voltage Step-up/Step-down for Long Feeders - Control your Voltage Drop Calculations


Automatically measures distances between modules, inverters, and balance of system equipment. This removes the transfer back-and-forth between Autodesk® AutoCAD® and spreadsheets. By keeping everything inside AutoCAD, it reduces transfer errors and copies errors. Common errors enter by starting from a similar project and trying to track differences manually. PV Rocket starts every project from scratch quickly and easily.

Measuring the “worst case” and designing all circuits to match can be done inside PV Rocket just as the standard manual design practice.  That can aid installation but also drives up cost. It is an unnecessary practice with PV Rocket. PV Rocket can easily and instantly track all feeders and conductors individually to comply with customer requirements while minimizing cost.

PV Rocket is flexible. You can add any number of AC Combiner panels to bring together any number of string inverters, in any order. Temperature derating is calculated based on common sense questions of where and how the feeders are routed, Interior, Exterior, Underground, and Roof. You can add generation power meters, additional disconnects, transformers, etc and have the software track the connections and properly add them all to the Feeder Schedule and Equipment Schedule.

Circuit by circuit measurements and calculations for both AC and DC set PV Rocket apart. It calculates things that many designers either gloss over or do not consider at all. It might be possible to perform a manual design as fast as PV Rocket but never with all the calculations performed and the precision of our software. PV Rocket will make every member of your team productive, accurate, and error free.

PV Rocket has been under development for five years with a dozen beta users. Most of the features it currently has come from its daily use. We can handle a wide variety of inputs, microinverters, and multiple points of interconnection.


Verzió 22.1.0, 2021. 09. 13.
Changed a license driver. Stability Improvements.

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