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IMGeneral Solutions provides simple, key tools needed to make every user more productive. The tools are divided into: 

  • Block Tools
  • Polyline Tools
  • Management Tools
  • Miscellaneous Tools


Block Tools: 

  • Rotate By Insertion Point: Rotates All Selected Objects Around Their Insertion Point by a Specified Value
  • Attribute Counter: Adds the number of the selected blocks found in the text of a selected Attribute tag
  • Align Objects: Aligns Blocks and text to Lines, Arcs, and Polylines 


Polyline Tools 

  • Set Polyline Width: Sets the Global Width for all selected objects. If the object selected is not a polyline, the function will convert it into one
  • Set Elevation: Sets the Z elevation for all selected objects.


Management Tools 

  • Import Blocks: Imports all the blocks from the selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Text Styles: Imports all the text styles from selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Layers: Imports all the layers from the selected drawing. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Dimension Styles: Imports all the dimension styles from selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Linetypes: Imports all the linetypes from the selected drawing. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Views: Imports selected Model Space Views from the selected drawing
  • Rename Blocks: Renames all selected blocks
  • Rename Layers: Renames all selected layers
  • Save Scale List: Saves the current drawing's Annotation Scales to an external file
  • Edit Scale List: Edits an existing annotation scale list file
  • Update Scale List: Updates the current drawing's annotation scales 


Miscellaneous Tools 

  • Create Line Tangent to Arc: Adds a Line Tangent to the Picked Point Along the Selected Arc
  • Create Perpendicular Line: Creates a line of specified length perpendicular to the point picked from the selected object
  • Copy Along Path: Copies and aligns the selected object along a selected path
  • Set Viewport Angle: Twists the Viewport's Rotation Angle by the specified amount. Rotates any Paper Space North Arrow Blocks Selected also
  • Align Crosshair: Sets the Crosshairs to be Aligned to the Current View's Twist Angle
  • Offset To Layer: Offsets selected objects, then select the layer for offset objects
  • Multiple Offset: Offsets a selected object multiple times in a specified direction
  • Offset Text Object: The Offset Text Object function 'nudges' a Text or Mtext object a specified distance in a specified direction. 
  • Offset Nested Object: Offsets Object Nested in a Block or Xref
  • Get Distance At Point: Measures the distance along with the selected object to a specified point
  • Measure Distance of Objects: Measures the length of all selected objects and provides the total


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 


Verzió 2024.1.1.2, 2024. 01. 12.
Updated and tested for AutoCAD 2024, this version works with AutoCAD 2019 through 2024 now offered at a new lower price!

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