TL Building Repair Pro

TL Building Repair Pro



This app will square off Autodesk® AutoCAD® polyline entities and remove redundant vertices along individual edges. Such polylines usually originate from field survey data due to random errors/imperfections in the measurements. The app will generate new entities, the original polyline objects are not modified and are available for comparison with the end result. Adjustment parameters such as Angle and Dist tolerances provide user control over how aggressive the "repair" process should be.


This 'pro' version of the app removes some limitations of the free version:

  • Non-closed polylines are supported
  • Buildings/polylines with non-square sides are supported
  • Command operates on multiple polylines at once - ie no need to select buildings one at a time


Verzió 2023.11.12.1, 2024. 02. 19.
Initial release.

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