TotalLength +

TotalLength +

Antonia Petrova



TotalLength + is an extended version of the free Autodesk® AutoCAD® plug-in TotalLength. It is an Autolisp script calculating the total length of multiple objects of user-selected type(s) - lines, arcs, 2D and 3D polylines or combinations of them. There's also an option to check ALL LENGTH OBJECTS / ARCS which includes all objects that have got a 'Length' or 'Arc length' property when opened in the Properties Bar. Unchecking a type of objects while ALL LENGTH OBJECTS  / ARCS  is checked will subtract the objects of this type from the selection.


If the Insert labels box in the TotalLength dialog is checked, all the selected objects get associative labels with their lengths. The labels are updated automatically when the corresponding geometry is modified. There's a possibility for a table with the various lengths and the number of the selected objects of each length, to be inserted in the drawing.


TotalLength + is a universal plug-in and can be used in any field of design where such calculations are needed - for the total length of walls, fences, cables, pipes, pavements, etc. The dialog box makes the app intuitive to work with, so there will be no need to spend a lot of time studying it.

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버전 1.0.3, 2020-03-26
2021 update. No change in version number.

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  • length by layer
    Xulio Twentiy | 10월 17, 2016

    Would intereasting that could measure lengths by layer selecting an object of this layer. Good aplication

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