Wood Beams, Joists, and Trusses for AEC

Wood Beams, Joists, and Trusses for AEC

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This application provides an easy way to create wood beams, joists, rafters, plates, hips, and valleys, along with tags and beam schedules. This module provides not only the members, but also the MVBlock (tag), Property Set Definition, and Schedule table style. All this is contained in one dialog, accessed by one command - no need to access various palettes and ribbon tabs or do any complicated setup.  


Now creates Trusses. A variety of commonly used trusses may be created, as AEC structural members. See http://www.krupacadd.com/AEC/Structural/Trusses.htm for more information. 


Wood Shapes

All standard lumber sizes are available, in nominal, rough, and pressure-treated varieties, along with engineered wood product members as provided by the major manufacturers. A multiple-member option is provided for all member types that allow it. Arched GluLam beams may be created - very difficult to create in standard ACA, but easily done here.


Placement Options

Several options govern how a beam is placed. Pitch (or slope) may be specified, with a choice of plumb or square end cuts. The extension(s) may be specified for each end. Justification options are provided for each placement.


Hips and Valleys

A special method is provided to simplify this normally complicated process. The corner need not be square, and the two slopes need not be the same – the program figures it all out and places the beam accordingly.



Tags may be placed on members automatically as you draw them, or added later. Tags are automatically assigned a prefix, depending on the type of member, and how it is being used (J for joist, R for rafter, etc.). Tag numbers are incremented automatically for each unique member, with respect to its physical properties and its elevation, and prefix.  


The Schedules

The Wood Beam & Joist Schedule and the Truss Schedule are now custom lightweight schedules, rather than ACA Schedule Table, to avoid bogging down the drawing. All functionality found in ACA Schedules is now provided by custom command buttons. Creating the schedule is done with a click of Add/Update Schedule button. (See screenshots for samples.)   

There is also a custom command to export a true quantified B.O.M. to a spreadsheet. 


More Info

This download is a fully-functioning 30-day trial. More detailed information, including pricing and complete Help for this application, can be found at http://www.krupacadd.com/prod_WoodBeams.htm


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This download will provide a fully functioning 30-day trial. Price of this module is $300 per seat, or $1000 for a site license, both of which maybe be purchased here on a secure website

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버전 2.7, 2023-05-01
Updated for R2024 compatibility

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  • a very nice plug-in
    Alex Chen | 4월 11, 2016 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    a very nice plug-in

  • Kevin Scott Architect
    Kevin Scott | 3월 24, 2014 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Krupa WoodBeam is AutoCAD Architecture enhancement software for drafting and modeling of the wood framing of light frame buildings. Utilizing Architectural Architecture Structural Members, takeoffs, and scheduling of all of the WoodBeam members is included. Having been one of the prototype users of COINS framing, as well as two other packages, my experience is that each of them was substantially more costly and burdensome in their use as well as the amount of unnecessary detail created. It is evident, in my use of it, the Krupa WoodBeam application is considerably easier to use, and provides more of the specific information that I as an architect, or a designer, contractor, or draftsperson would in fact need to draft, schedule, or model the structure in any of my wood frame buildings including gravity framing, flat, gable, and hip roofs; all at an affordable price for any office. I have worked with Krupa WoodBeam enhancement on the design of several single and multifamily frame projects since installing it and have found that it exceeds all of my needs in the completion of drafting, model presentation to clients, and quantity information. Several of the features that provide the most benefit to my architectural company: Features: • Framing supports standard timber sections and I beam construction • Pre-populated lumber yard to ensure rapid implementation • Loose frame floors • Loose frame roofs • Complete use of native AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture commands • Dynamically linked schedules • Short Learning curve due to complete integration with AutoCAD Architecture • Mitigates user errors due to information being dynamically linked • Drastically reduces the time required to incorporate changes • Supports your processes, you don't need to change the way you work to make the software work

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