IMGeneral Solutions
30 天免费试用版, 付费应用


IMGeneral Solutions provides simple, key tools needed to make every user more productive. The tools are divided into: 

  • Block Tools
  • Polyline Tools
  • Management Tools
  • Miscellaneous Tools


Block Tools: 

  • Rotate By Insertion Point: Rotates All Selected Objects Around Their Insertion Point by a Specified Value
  • Attribute Counter: Adds the number of the selected blocks found in the text of a selected Attribute tag
  • Align Objects: Aligns Blocks and text to Lines, Arcs, and Polylines 


Polyline Tools 

  • Set Polyline Width: Sets the Global Width for all selected objects. If the object selected is not a polyline, the function will convert it into one
  • Set Elevation: Sets the Z elevation for all selected objects.


Management Tools 

  • Import Blocks: Imports all the blocks from the selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Text Styles: Imports all the text styles from selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Layers: Imports all the layers from the selected drawing. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Dimension Styles: Imports all the dimension styles from selected drawings. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Linetypes: Imports all the linetypes from the selected drawing. Overwrites any existing.
  • Import Views: Imports selected Model Space Views from the selected drawing
  • Rename Blocks: Renames all selected blocks
  • Rename Layers: Renames all selected layers
  • Save Scale List: Saves the current drawing's Annotation Scales to an external file
  • Edit Scale List: Edits an existing annotation scale list file
  • Update Scale List: Updates the current drawing's annotation scales 


Miscellaneous Tools 

  • Create Line Tangent to Arc: Adds a Line Tangent to the Picked Point Along the Selected Arc
  • Create Perpendicular Line: Creates a line of specified length perpendicular to the point picked from the selected object
  • Copy Along Path: Copies and aligns the selected object along a selected path
  • Set Viewport Angle: Twists the Viewport's Rotation Angle by the specified amount. Rotates any Paper Space North Arrow Blocks Selected also
  • Align Crosshair: Sets the Crosshairs to be Aligned to the Current View's Twist Angle
  • Offset To Layer: Offsets selected objects, then select the layer for offset objects
  • Multiple Offset: Offsets a selected object multiple times in a specified direction
  • Offset Text Object: The Offset Text Object function 'nudges' a Text or Mtext object a specified distance in a specified direction. 
  • Offset Nested Object: Offsets Object Nested in a Block or Xref
  • Get Distance At Point: Measures the distance along with the selected object to a specified point
  • Measure Distance of Objects: Measures the length of all selected objects and provides the total


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 


版本 2024.1.1.2, 2024/1/12
Updated and tested for AutoCAD 2024, this version works with AutoCAD 2019 through 2024 now offered at a new lower price!


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