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Add information, check geometric volumes, export and import Excel parameters, automatically create search sets.

General Usage Instructions

1) Mark Daily or Completed works on elements.

In properties of this elements, will be created BIMReport tab, what contains date what you marked.

Also, a search set was automatically created for each date.

2) You can mark elements by colors. A search sets is also automatically created for each color.  

Colors are also prescribed in the BIMReport tab on. And you can remove it by Reset button.

3) If someone reset colors by standard Navisworks Reset Appearance button. And colors disappear. You can recover its by Colorize. Colorize function using Color parameter from BIMReport tab.

4) Add comment to elements, and use search sets generated for it.

5) Clear all BIMReport parameters from selected elements.

6) For selected elements you can watch sum of Volume, Area or Length parameters.

7) All BIMReport parameters can be export to excel file. This file contains Element Id (from Revit model) and his parameters, if you change this parameters in excel and import it back, it will changes in Navisworks. Be careful when exporting and importing a complete model, this may take some time.

If you need to change a few elements, delete unnecessary lines and import without them will be much faster.

8) ExportAll allows you export to Excel several parameters from any tabs of Properties for all elements.



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