Asite 3D Repo® for Autodesk® Navisworks®

Asite 3D Repo® for Autodesk® Navisworks®

Win64, English

3D Repo
Asite 3D Repo® plug-in for Autodesk® Navisworks® enables easy upload of all 3D models as well as metadata directly to the cloud platform.

General Usage Instructions

  • Sign Up on for a free account
  • Create a new project in Asite 3D Repo and a model container
  • Open Autodesk Navisworks desktop application and load a 3D model (.nwc or .nwd)
  • In Navisworks open the ‘Export add-ins’ tab in the tools ribbon 


Upload directly to 3D Repo:

  • Click on the ‘Export to 3D Repo’ to upload your model directly to 3D Repo Cloud
  • Log in to your 3D Repo account using your username & password
  • From a drop-down list select Teamspace, Project & Model Container
  • Model Information contains the parameters
  • Last Revision contains the information about the current model revision
  • Fill out the Revision Name field (Alphanumeric & Underscores Only)
  • Fill out the Description field (Optional)
  • Press ‘Upload’ and wait for the process to finish
  • The new model revision will be available online shortly


Export .bim file:

  • Click on the ‘Export .bim’ to export file locally (Upload it on
  • Select model units
  • Select export file location
  • Click Export to start the process
  • Click Done to close the window when finished

You can upload parts of the model by hiding unselected model elements. Only visible model elements will export to .bim file or upload to 3D Repo. When you apply colour overrides save the file as NWD. Any colour override to model elements in Navisworks will be sent to 3D Repo as well.


Issues & SafetiBase

  • Sign Up on for a free account.
  • Create a Project and a new model or federation.
  • Open the Revit desktop application and load a 3D Model.
  • In Revit go to Addins in the Toolbar panel.
  • Click on the Issues or SafetiBase plugin to activate it.
  • Select the appropriate server and provide your login credentials.
  • In a few steps select Teamspace, Project, and your Model or Federation.
  • A list of issues/risks will appear (if any exist in 3D Repo)
  • Click on the issue/risk to navigate around your model
  • Open an issue/risk to see more details like information, comments, or markups.
  • Inside the issue/risk click on the Resources tab to open the list of attached resources like PDFs, images or web links.
  • Click on any resource to open it
  • Comment on existing issues/risks and add screenshots/markups
  • Create new Issues/Risks inside the Revit session and sync them back to 3D Repo.
  • Once completed, new issues/Risks or any updates will be available on


Note: Please install the file in the following path C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage.



Run the msi installer file and it will automatically install the plug-in to the Autodesk Navisworks application space. Upon successful installation, the Asite 3D Repo Uploader icon can be found within the "Tool add-ins" tab of the main Navisworks application window.

To uninstall the app please right-click on the app and click on uninstall button. The app will be uninstalled.

Additional Information

Hint: The plug-in only uploads currently visible geometry so to selectively upload a section of the whole scene, simply hide unwanted parts using the selection tree and Hide/Show functionality.

Please install the file in the following path C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage or Navisworks Simulate with selected versions.

Known Issues


Company Name: 3D Repo
Company URL:
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

3D Repo

Support Information

Please contact should you have any queries.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Support for v5.10.3 and newer


Support for v4.14.1 and newer


Support for v4.14.0 and newer


Support for v4.12.1 and newer


Support for v4.6.1 and newer


Support for v4.0.0 and newer


Support for v3.12 and newer


Support for v3.10 and newer


Support for v2.16


Initial Release
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