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Flypaper Technologies
An intelligent clash sorting tool.

General Usage Instructions

Click on each of the Sherlock tools icons to activate. The heatmap tool will show you your highest density clash areas, and label them from one to 10, you can check out this video to learn more. The Distill feature will gather all your clashes that are caused by the same element or piece of your model, and group them into folders saving you hours of manual sorting, you can check out this video to learn more. 



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


One click to highlight the worst areas in the model. One more to tag the clash groups for your team.


Dead simple clash grouping based on your already established model hierarchy. Distill is here to save you valuable time and accelerate the production of usable models for your team.


Orient anyone to the exact pipe/conduit/duct section/anything you are talking about. Get back to coordinating as fast as possible.


After downloading the installer from the store, double click on the 'FlyPaper.Sherlock2021.Installer.exe' to install it. If you enter the control panel you click uninstall and Sherlock will be removed from your Navisworks. 

Additional Information

If you're using an older version of Navisworks you can go to this link to get a version of Sherlock that is compatible.

Known Issues


Company Name: Flypaper Technologies
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Author/Company Information

Flypaper Technologies

Support Information

Feel free to contact us at

Version History

Version Number Version Description


v2.3.3 - Jun 2, 2021 * Added DWFX batch export * Various bug fixes.
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