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(This version works with Autodesk® Navisworks® 2024 only. To try on all other Navisworks versions, please visit https://rv-boost.com/rv-clashbox/)


Do you need an easier way to see and understand Navisworks clashes in context? Creating a section box around each clash and making its surrounding elements transparent is the answer. Even better, this is a one-click job with RV ClashBox, no matter how many clashes you have. Watch the video below to see how it’s done!


Here’s what RV ClashBox will automate for you:

●  Export all clashes from your selected clash tests and statuses to viewpoints

●  Preserve highlight colors of clashing elements

●  Apply a section box to each view, using your selected size

●  Make all elements surrounding each clash transparent, using your selected transparency ratio

●  Ensure each generated view is fully editable in case you want to fine-tune the result

●  For grouped clashes, generate views for the groups and, if you specify, also for individual clashes in each group

●  Orient the section box in each new view to either global XYZ, a grid line, or the SelectionA/SelectionB items in each clash


Why not start right now with this free trial with full functionalities?

Find out more at https://rv-boost.com/rv-clashbox/

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This trial offers full app features for 14 days. It works with Navisworks 2024 only. To try on all Navisworks versions, please visit https://rv-boost.com/rv-clashbox/


Verzió, 2024. 03. 07.
Improved view generation speed.

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  • Good to visualize clashes and share viewpoint with teams
    Nirmal Balani | október 19, 2023 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Worked well for me

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