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Play it. Navigate in Autodesk® Navisworks® with a PC Joystick. It's easy, fast and accurate!


Navigate through your BIM model as never before, using a joystick to have all the control in your hands. It's as easy as gaming.

Move forward, backward, sideways, up and down, and get to every corner of your model at the speed of your mind.

Also, you have three special visualization modes: XRAY, WHITE MODEL and BLACK Model:U

  • Use the X-RAY button to turn all the structure and architecture of your model transparent, allowing you to see all the MEP elements inside. 
  • Use the WHITE MODEL(CLAY MODEL) button to turn all the structure and architecture of your model white. 
  • Use the BLACK MODEL(EBONY MODEL) button to turn all the structure and architecture of your model black. 
  • You can combine WHITE MODEL and BLACK MODEL with X-RAY


 And there is more!

 We added a special button to let you save the current Viewpoint adding information about the discipline and the description of the issue to create information for your ICE Session (Integrated Concurrent Engineering). The Viewpoint also saves in the Comments the location, date, numbering, description, and discipline. 


NEW FUNCTIONALITY!!! Now you can use all the SavedViewpoints to create a detailed report in EXCEL with our new tool SAVEDVIEWPOINTS EXPORTER which comes free with NAVISGAME.

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Versione 7.0.0, 11/06/2024
Added 2025 support

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  • Low framerate and non intuitive control mapping
    Arend Bijleveld | giugno 07, 2024

    The idea and potential of this is great but it did not live up to the expectations. Downloaded the trial version in the hope to have better and smoother controls than using the default Navisworks controls, but the movements are very choppy and the button layout is not much better than using a keyboard. Maybe it is choppy because i am using a Xbox 360 controller, but for me it does not add any value right now. 

  • Could Improve
    James Shaw | gennaio 03, 2024

    The idea behind this is great. If we could change the controls to FPS gaming setup it would be 5 stars. The current button layout is not usable.

  • Great Idea but not applicable for most
    zack trask | ottobre 31, 2023

    Great idea using a controller. It makes people that dont understand computers have the ability to look around the model. The only problem is it doesnt work with Navisworks Freedom, which is what all field men use. Disappointing but look forward to them changing it. 

  • meh...
    Jordan Ehrig | aprile 18, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    this needs a button mapping override because the button layout is not intuitive at all.  I would recommend a drone style, a FPS style, and an inspection/markup style for button schemes.  having up and down mapped to both the R shoulder buttons and the right joystick is a waste... especially when there is no strafe left and right.  You can look left and right, button you cannot move left or right while facing forward (strafe).

    Good try, but needs some better implementation.

    Rolando Karlos Hijar Portella (Autore) | aprile 18, 2023

    Hello Jordan. Thank you for taking time to write a review of NavisGame. We will consider each of your comments to improve NavisGame, and pick up wich one are suitable for most of our users. Regarding the movement facing fordward, you can activate the MOVE SIDEWAYS button (read Help file) in generic or xbox joystick. I hope you continue using NavisGame to appreciate how helpfull it is. I recommend you to use the X-RAY function, and th CAPTURE VIEWPOINT function. Thank you again. Best regards.

  • Five stars addin
    Renato Chamorro | marzo 27, 2020

    Navisgame allows us to navigate through the project in a more natural way, such as a videogame. Also, I have to say that the extra feature is so helpfull when we have to save the views where we found interferences, mistakes or incomplete models.

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