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Tag the information of any element inside Autodesk® Navisworks® in real-time.

With this tool, you can visualize the information of elements in Navisworks and create a tag with this information.

Tagger uses the "Quick Properties" information to create smart tags for your model.

Also, you can create SavedViewPoint with just one click. Similar to Autodesk® Revit®, create Tags of any element, in different colors for better visualization.

NEW FUNCIONALITY!!! Now you can use all the SavedViewpoints to create a detailed report in EXCEL with our new tool SAVEDVIEWPOINTS EXPORTER that comes free with TAGGER.

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버전 7.0.0, 2024-02-07
NEW FUNCIONALITY!!! Multiline tags!! Now you can set the text of the tag to use multiple lines, you can set it as you nedd!!!

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  • Muy util
    Urbina Flores Cesar Augusto Junior | 3월 15, 2019

    Excelente aplicativo para poder ver detalles de mi modela de manera mas rapida y directa.

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