DIN 11851 Tube Fittings Valves Catalogue and Spec

DIN 11851 Tube Fittings Valves Catalogue and Spec

Win64, English

DIN 11851 Spec includes Male and Female Liners, Slotted Nuts, Caps, Seals, DIN 11850 Tube, DIN 11852 Fittings, Filters and Valves for modeling pharmaceutical and food industry piping.

General Usage Instructions

Copy the "DIN PIPE AND FITTING CATALOGUE - DIN 11851" folder and the "DIN PIPE AND FITTING CATALOGUE - DIN 11851.PCAT" file to your Plant 3D shared content folder or "C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D <version>\CPAK Common" folder.

Use this catalogue and spec as is for modelling tube and fittings. Valves are included. (Note that multi-port valve modules have no Isometric representation)




Catalog support folder exists in this location:

• Windows 7/8.1/10: C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022 Content\ CPak Common\BiT Limited DIN 11851 Tube Fittings Valves Catalogue and Spec\

To uninstall this content pack, please go to Control Panel => Programs and Features => select the "BiT_Limited_DIN 11851 Tube Fittings Valves Catalogue and Spec" => Uninstall

Additional Information

Known Issues

Multi-Port valves added in this version that are constructed from port/seat/actuator/thinktop modules do not have isometric SKEY values for isometric representation.

Please email bstrevena@gmail.com with any observations.


Author/Company Information


Support Information

Refer to the DIN11851 ReadMe PDF file within the install for details on creating and configuring Endcodes and Connections settings.

For support please email bstrevena@gmail.com.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


This version is an update to version 2022.


This version includes added filters and modular multi-port valve components.


Added 2021 support


Second release - Valves added


Initial release
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