Nozzle Content Pack

Nozzle Content Pack

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
A Nozzle catalog for use in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D.

General Usage Instructions

This Content pack contains the Nozzle catalog, which enables the user to create the nozzles from equipment to connect the piping system in Plant3D. This catalog is compatible with the following piping content packs,

AGRULINE & AGRU INDUSTRIAL Piping Systems - Content Pack

Bondstrand – Content Pack

Australian Pipe and Fittings – Content Pack

Acipco DI Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

AS Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

ASME Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

AWWA Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

AWWA Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

DIN Pipes and Fittings – Content Pack

GB Pipes and Fittings Catalog Part 2 – Content Pack

JIS Pipes and Fittings Catalog Part 2– Content Pack

JIS – JPI Pipes and Fittings Catalog – Content Pack




Installation notes:

This catalog is only compatible with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018 & higher release. This installer will replace your existing “NOZZLE Catalog.acat”. So before running this installer package, please backup your existing catalog. Backup the existing catalog from the below location:

C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D Content\ CPak Common\

Uninstallation notes:

To uninstall this content pack, please go to Control Panel => Programs and Features => select the "CPak Nozzle 2021" => Uninstall

Since this is the base line catalog for nozzles, it is advised not to uninstall this catalog.

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Autodesk, Inc.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description

Upgrade to 2018 & higher release

Upgrade to 2017 & higher release


Upgrade to 2016 & higher release


Upgrade to 2014 & higher release


Upgrade to 2017 version


This version migrate from 2015 to 2016


Nozzle catalog version 2015

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