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PlantLink allows you to link databases to your Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. You can link external databases, improve dataflow within your P&IDs, let PlantLink modify your AutoCAD properties.

General Usage Instructions

You start the PlantLink user interface to configure the link you need. The wizard will guide you through the steps of configuring the link. A detailed guide will be shown in the online user documentation.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Started the user interface of PlantLink.


Updates all Links in the whole project.


Updates Links in current drawing.


Update drawing Links in project


Update drawing Links in current drawing


PlantLink will be installed like any other windows application. The PlantLink ribbon will be installed for all installed Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID and Plant 3D products on your machine. The PlantLink ribbon can be found under PlantTools.

Additional Information

Online documentation can be found here.

Known Issues

There are no known issues as of now. Bugs which are reported are fixed ASAP and a new release will be published.


Company Name: auxalia GmbH
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

auxalia GmbH

Support Information

Send an email to and the next available support person will take care of your ticket. Please attach a detailed description preferably as screenshots or video.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

New: Allow editing the Link Configuration name in the Wizard of PlantLink and PlantDataManager (PT-1944)

New: Adapted PlantTools for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023 (PT-1571) Change: Updated to DevExpress 21.2.6 for all PlantTools (PT-1580) Change: Remove ACPAssetOwnership table (PT-1554) Bug fix: Relative URIs in other applications caused an FATAL ERROR (PT-1563)

New: Show info dialog if installed PlantTools doesn't have required minimum version (PT-1441) New: Global Language Setting for all PlantTools (PT-1417) New: Using ProcessPower.dcf for Not-Placed Objects (PT-1079) New: Suppressible dialog for reaching maximum loops (PT-1447) Bug fix: FATAL CRASH when ribbon tooltips should be shown and PlantTools have different language settings (PT-1393) Bug fix: Creating a new link configuration shows error when clicking on next to jump to the Mapping page (PT-1446)

Bug fix: Error messages when opening a drawing (PT-1375)

New: Adding checkbox in wizard for link configurations to prevent using links in PlantDataManager (PT-1333) New: Create and Fill PET_GUID for PL on module initialization (PT-1285) Bug fix: Enabling/Disabling of links isn't considered instantly with PlantLink (PT-1354) Bug fix: PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven try to find the bolt catalog and shows an error message (PT-1303)

Bug fix: UDL files for Oracle databases weren't supported in Link Configurations (PT-1230)

Change: Adapting UDL paths for Link Configurations (PT-973) Bug fix: Data Link Properties dialog isn't opened when using PP variable (PT-1115) Bug fix: Testing connection in Windows Data Link Properties dialog fails for Selection Lists (PT-1114) Bug fix: Plant 3D multiplied PlantTools ribbon icons and got very very slow when switching between work spaces several times (PT-1117) Bug fix: Slow Plant 3D performance when PlantTools Plugin cannot acquire a network license (PT-1113) Bug fix: Spaces in linked/mapped fields when using extended links (PT-982) Bug fix: Extended Link types didn't work anymore (PT-972)

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2022 (PT-1026) New: auxaliaLicenseManager automatically runs "Check for Updates..." (PT-160) New: Show only records of suitable link property values (PT-939) Change: Updated to DevExpress 20.2.6 (PT-1042) Change: No support for AutoCAD P&ID 2016/2017 and AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016/2017 (PT-1034) Change: Changed Trial Period from 30 to 14 days (PT-975) Change: More informative licensing dialogs Change: Replacing standard Windows Message boxes with our own dialogs (PT-741) Change: Implemented F1 to open our own browser Bug fix: Tooltips for the 4 PlantLink update buttons in the ribbon showed the wrong texts (PT-698)

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2021 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.2.7

Change: New program icons and ribbon images Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.6 Bug fix: Missing DevExpress references Bug fix: Install wasn't initiated after download

Bug fix: Write-Back option didn't work

Bug fix: Installing PlantLink didn't deactivate PLANTXDBMANAGER for Plant 3D 2020

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2020 New: PlantLink can now link RGB colors New: Added command "AqaPLRefreshLinks" to refresh link configurations Change: Speed improvements for Links Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.3 Bug fix: PlantLink ran loops even if it wasn't necessary

Bug fix: PlantLink didn't store the ClassType in the lcf file Bug fix: Update Drawing links for project showed message, that there are no drawing link, when loops were deactivated

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2019 New: 'Clear Value' can be setup rule-based Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.7

Change: For simple conditions all records are shown and the currently selected record in bold Change: Links also triggered an acquisition rule update causing slow speed Bug fix: ~ character used in linked properties didn't trigger PL anymore

Bug fix: Workaround to deal with a bug in SQLite API which caused views using UNION to deliver incomplete result

Bug fix: Issues when comparing Non-String properties/fields

Change: Extended links are supported, therefore the PLANTXDBMANAGER is deactivated Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.3

Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.1.5

Bug fix: Starting with version 1.43 when importing values from "Assign data" window, the linked fields were not imported

New: Optional setting of Override mode Change: Options OnProjectLoad and OnInterval removed

New: Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2018

Bug fix: Links using AutoCAD properties sometimes blocked interaction with AutoCAD P&ID/Plant 3D

Bug fix: Link configurations for P3dLineGroups weren't updated on drawing save or AQAPLUPDATELINKS or AQAPLUPDATELINKSINCURRENTDRAWING

Bug fix: Wizard shows the name instead the display name for 3D classes Bug fix: No message anymore when a drawing is saved which doesn't belong to the project

Bugfix: Numeric properties weren't cleared when 'Clear Value' is used Bugfix: Class properties used in advanced conditions weren't stored in the configuration when expression was edited in Text tab

Bugfix: OnDrawingSave was not handled correctly when only AutoCAD® properties link configurations were active Bugfix: When removing hyperlinks for objects sometimes AutoCAD® P&ID/Plant 3D crashed

New: Mapping of additional AutoCAD® properties ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ, HyperlinkUrl, HyperlinkText, Transparency, LineTypeScale Change: Additional texts for linked fields/properties which prevent filtering Change: "Assign Data" dialog shows selected datarow in different text color Change: Filter editor shows property's display names Bug fix: Red info text didn't show proper line breaks Bug fix: Cascading links weren't always processed fully when using "Assign Tag" dialog

New: Simple and complex conditions can be used Change: Extended links aren't supported anymore Change: When 'Save drawing before update links' is activated, the drawing is saved for every loop

Bug fix: Spaces in field names of Microsoft SQL Server Databases caused an error message

New: Borrowing of network licenses

Change: When multiple link configurations change the value of the same property, all links will be updated Bug fix: AutoCAD® properties weren't set to default value for symbols/lines

Bug fix: Update needed due to a new PnPDataObjects.dll in SP1 for AutoCAD® P&ID® 2016 and AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2016

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2016

Bug fix: Cascading link configurations didn't run a loop when deleting linked properties in a higher link in the cascade

Change: Improvement when updating links. The mapped data will be checked as well to make sure the mapped data are still valid
Change: PlantLink shows a dialog if multiple records can be found in the linked database
Change: Speed improvement

Bug fix: Table and view names in SQLite and SQL Server can contain spaces again

New: Support for ORACLE

Changed: PlantTool is ready for Autodesk Exchange Apps. The PlantTool icons will be found under "Plugins"

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