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PlantDataManager is a stand-alone application that enables access to and control of plant project data from standard desktop and laptop computers that do not have AutoCAD® plant products installed.

General Usage Instructions

You start PlantDataManager from your desktop to edit existing data or create new objects. Then changes will be imported into Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID/Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D by using PlantDataManager-Plugin.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Imports data which have been edited with PlantDataManager into the drawing.


PlantDataManager will be installed like any other windows application. In addition to that the PlantDataManager-Plugin will be installed for all installed AutoCAD P&ID/AutoCAD Plant 3D products on your machine. A new ribbon will be created called PlantTools where you find the section PlantDataManager. PlantDataManager can be installed even there are no Autodesk products installed.

Additional Information

Online documentation can be found here.

Known Issues

There are no known issues as of now. Bugs which are reported are fixed ASAP and a new release will be published.


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Author/Company Information

auxalia GmbH

Support Information

Send an email to and the next available support person will take care of your ticket. Please attach a detailed description preferably as screenshots or video.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Bug fix: Mapped fields defined as read-only weren't colored Bug fix: Column settings weren't stored when "Hide empty columns" was used Bug fix: Tooltips for toolbar buttons in German setting showed English texts

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2021 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.2.7

Change: New program icons and ribbon images

- Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.6 - Bug fix: Slow speed and crashes when scrolling horizontally introduced with version 2.3 - Bug fix: Type-O in view selection (Drawing Data (PET Project Palette) --> Drawing Data (PET Properties Palette)) - Bug fix: NPOs weren't saved when closing the project - Bug fix: Excel export removed property value with just spaces

New: Show in-use values when multi-selecting in Properties palette

Bug fix: Error message when importing NULL values in PDM Plugin Bug fix: Added dependency: "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" when installing the PlantTool

Bug fix: Error message when filtering for multiple columns in the grid and then switch to another class

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2020 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.3

Change: String properties which contain only number, are now ordered as if they were numerical properties Bug fix: In some cases, when importing Excel sheets the following error appeared: "Error in implicit conversion. Cannot convert null objects."

Bug fix: Values of numerical properties couldn't be deleted Bug fix: Cut & Paste of multiple cells cut only the first cell

New: Allowing swapping Tags in PDM and solving the issue during import Change: Separated changes "Ready for Import" from those which aren't ready in the PDM-Plugin User Interface Change: When selecting P3D Classes in PDM "Project Data" will be the default view Change: If there are only 3D changes, the Plugin will automatically switch to P3D Classes upon import Change: PDM Plugin doesn't refresh right away anymore when saving the drawing and links or calculations change data

New: Added "Filter by Selection", "Filter Excluding Selection" and "Remove Filter" to the context menu of the data grid. It works also when multiple cells are selected New: Pasting cells into multiple rows is supported now New: Auto-Restart PDM when project version doesn't match the version setting in PDM Change: PDM and PDM-Plugin delete records in data cache if the object doesn't exist anymore Change: No dialog for saving changes, when no changes have been made Change: No notifications from PDM-Plugin if there are no changes marked as 'Ready for Import' Change: Not only does the PDM-Plugin deletes obsolete records in the data cache, but now also obsolete properties Change: Added possibility to use text filter expressions Change: Navigation bar for data grid Change: PIDTagFormats.xml move from project folder to \ACPlantTools folder Change: When accepting/rejecting individual changes which are linked, mapped or calculated through PlantLink or PET Calculation, all properties used in the link or calculation will be accepted/rejected Bug fix: Pasting values did not work properly when the grid was filtered, grouped, sorted or columns were removed Bug fix: Numeric and Boolean values weren't handled properly between PDM and PDM-Plugin depending on language settings Bug fix: Wrong text in info dialog when creating a NPO Bug fix: When opening a 3D drawing, the notification didn't work correct, because it checked only the PID changes instead of 3D Bug fix: Notification text had a type-o in it Bug fix: Checkbox for notification message "Show message when opening a project if changes are ready for import" wasn't always saved Bug fix: When deleting records from the data cache, the project part (PID/P3D) wasn't considered Bug fix: Creating a line segment as a GNPO and change the size cause an error Bug fix: PDM Plugin grid isn't refreshed after some changes are accepted/rejected Bug fix: When importing changes in Drawing View the PDM Plugin switched back to Project View Bug fix: PDM Plugin is refreshed if not all changes could be accepted/rejected, because some drawings are in-use by other users

New: Single License report PC name to CAD STUDIO server to help our customer support with licensing issues Bug fix: Using certain expressions in the filter editor caused an error message Bug fix: The relationship palette always opened, because the open/close status wasn't stored Bug fix: In case multiple classes were used in a PlantReporter report query, some columns could not be edited in PDM, or some columns were editable although they shouldn't be Bug fix: When creating with PlantDataManager, PlantReporter or MigrationTool the PDMDataCache, ACProject or ACPChangeLog databases on SQL Server the GrantPublicRole wasn't set leading to permission issues Bug fix: The status (active/inactive) of the save symbol wasn't set properly

New: Introduction of an additional color to see conflicting changes between other and current users New: Use of PlantExpressTools properties palette setup in data grid Change: Standard Data Grid Control replaced with DevExpress Data Grid Control Change: Properties and Relationship palettes are dockable Change: Speed improvements for Links Bug fix: PlantDataManager didn't store the ClassType in the lcf file Bug fix: The reports that were created or updated using DevExpress 17.2.7 ( starting with PR 1.43) could not be edited in PDM Bug fix: PDM was able to edit only the data of the first class of a PR report configuration

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2019 New: SQLite databases created by PlantTools will now use the same database type as the project (SQLite or SQL Server) New: A migration tool for PlantTools databases was added to move SQLite databases to SQL Server Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.7

New: Changes made by other users are shown in separate color and can be seen in tooltips New: Improved data import process for importing changes from multiple users at once New: Changes accepted or rejected by a user will be stored in the new change log database New: A new properties palette is introduced (also in PET) which allows creating tabs, groups and select and order properties Change: Improved notification when opening a project or drawing with pending changes Change: Changes by user are stored in [PP]\ACPlantTools\PlantDataManager\DataCache\PDMDataCache.dcf Bug fix: Workaround to deal with a bug in SQLite API which caused views using UNION to deliver incomplete result

Change: Performance improvements in links handling Bug fix: Issues when comparing Non-String properties/fields

New: Preview of using report configurations of PlantReporter within PlantDataManager Change: Extended links are supported Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.3

New: Optional setting of Override mode Change: Options OnProjectLoad and OnInterval removed Change: Calculations that contain ACAD properties are disabled

New: Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2018 Bug fix: Added missing DevExpress dlls in the update package

Bug fix: EngineeringItems.Size property for Plant 3D classes wasn’t calculated

Change: '?' at the end of a Tag will be exported to Excel now Change: The Excel formula for the Tag has been changed so it shows a '?' when a property of the Tag is empty

Changed: Improved progress bar when exporting to Excel Change: Improved speed when exporting to Excel Bug fix: Invisible properties used in Tag Format, caused error when exporting to Excel

New: Added Calculated Properties Change: Ex-/Import function has been revised

New: Simple and complex conditions can be used New: Mapping of additional AutoCAD® properties ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ, HyperlinkUrl, HyperlinkText, Transparency, LineTypeScale Change: Additional texts for linked fields/properties which prevent filtering Change: "Assign Data" dialog shows selected datarow in different text color Change: Filter editor shows property's display names Change: Extended links aren't supported anymore Bug fix: Red info text didn't show proper line breaks Bug fix: Cascading links weren't always processed fully when using "Assign Tag" dialog

New: Borrowing of network licenses Bug fix: Automatically install "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" package during setup/update in case is not installed. The package is needed in case no AutoCAD P&ID/Plant 3D 2017 is installed.

Change: Autodesk changed API between Beta and Final release of AutoCAD® P&ID/Plant 3D® 2017 which caused errors

Bug fix: PDM Plugin cause an error message for AutoCAD® P&ID 2014

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2016

Change: We went back to standard copy & paste functionality. Multicell copying as introduced in version was discarded
Bug fix: Wrong program icon in the title bar

Change: Speed improvement when using export/import to/from XLS

Change: Improvement when updating links. The mapped data will be checked as well to make sure the mapped data are still valid
Change: Links show a dialog if multiple records can be found in the linked database
Change: The local data cache will be deleted when opening a project which is using SQLite and is opened from a network drive (optional)
Change: PipeLineGroups and SignalLineGroups weren't shown when using drawing views (changes in the PnPDataLink table)

Bug fix: Issue with digital signing during Installation

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/Plant 3D 2015
Bug fix: Error message when exporting to Microsoft Excel when different Tag formats are used in sub classes

Change: The directory for transfer files is now: [Project]\ACPlantTools\PlantDataManager\DataCache. Existing transfer files will be moved automatically
Change: The directory for the NPO's database is now: [Project]\ACPlantTools\PlantDataManager\ACPProcessPower.dcf. Existing database will be moved automatically
New: XLS/CSV data ex-/import
New: “Save and Close Project” button to unlock the transfer file.
New: Cut/Copy/Paste multiple cells of one recordset
New: Freezing pane similar to Microsoft Excel
Bug fix: Project report view error

New: Link configurations can use variables for the path now
Bug fix: Error message displayed while loading a higher version link configuration and remaining link configurations were not loaded

New: PlantTools are available as rental versions
Bug fix: The content of selection lists is sorted now
New: Refresh button to reload link configurations
New: Link configurations can be deaktivated
New: When mapping, "On drawing save" can be used
Change: The directory for link configurations is now: [Project]\ACPlantTools\PlantLink\LinkConfigurations. Existing link configurations will be moved automatically

Changed: PlantTool is ready for Autodesk Exchange Apps. The PlantTool icons will be found under "Plugins"
Bug fix: When selecting multiple cells in the PipeLineGroup class the copy entry in the context menu was greyed out
Bug fix: When copying from multiple cells where the column order was changed, the values were inserted in the wrong columns

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