Python Valve

Python Valve

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Tamas Halasz
Customizable Valve Script Package - with this app you can create as many customizable valves as you want.

General Usage Instructions

The scripts are small Python based programs for creating valves in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D by entering few parameters. You can use all these scripts to create your own valve catalogs based on your standards.

After installation just run the PLANTREGISTERCUSTOMSCRIPTS command and restart Plant3D.

Then in the Spec Editor, you can open your project’s spec (YOUR PROJECT\Spec Sheets\...) and add the new valves to it from the provided SAMPLE catalog (YOUR CONTENT FOLDER\CPak Common\Python_Valve\V-X.XX\Python_Valve.pcat).

From here you can create as many valve catalogs as you want, just copy the provided sample catalog (rename it for example, because it can be overwritten in case of a reinstall!) and create as many new customizable valves as you want.

Happy customizing!




The installer is automatically detecting the used Content Folder location for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 - 2025 64 bit versions. So the necessary files will be extracted to the default content center location or any other place you moved the content folder too. It is even working when using the shared content folder.

Register the new scripts inside the AutoCAD Plant 3D program with the PLANTREGISTERCUSTOMSCRIPTS command.

Then please restart the program.

Add your customized valves to your project's Spec Sheet (YOUR PROJECT\Spec Sheets\... )



  • Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  • Select Python Valve, and then click Uninstall.

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Tamas Halasz

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


Version 1.10 - 2024. 03. 08.: - Installer updated for Plant3D 2025.


Version 1.09 - 2024. 01. 04.: - rubber expansion joint is added to the scripts - for both type of ball valves centered lever is possible if C is set to negative value


Version 1.08 - 2023. 05. 19.: - Installer supports Plant3D 2024 as well


Version 1.07 - 2022. 07. 15.: - Bulges were accidentally removed from the butterfly valve scripts, now they are back - Some safety calculations are added to the butterfly bulges, to prevent errors on impossible geometry - Ball valve script connection points for flange and threaded-ends options are fixed - Check valve model has an arrow to show the flow direction - Check valves are now flow dependent, so the ISO symbol will have the same direction as the arrow on the model - All scripts now have a prefix: CPV - this was necessary to allow in model editing of the valves - From now on all valves are editable in the Plant3D space via the properties window (CPV prefix was needed for the scripts' names, plus the usual 'Custom/Parametric' to the ComponentDesignation) - All items in the sample catalogs have a proper ISO symbol now, both metric and imperial.


Version 1.06 - 2022. 06. 09.: - For the gate valve script a limitation is added that DH can not be lower than D1 to prevent an AutoCAD fatal error - Explanation drawings are updated for the butterfly valve and the 2nd ball valve script for more clear understanding.


Version 1.05 - 2022. 05. 15.: - Gate valve geared-handwheel actuator has additional optional customizable parameters - Check valve script is added - Second type of globe valve script is added - Safety valve rotated to upwards by default


Version 1.04 - 2022. 03. 31.: - Pneumatic actuator added to ball-valve-2 - For globe valves new type of actuator is added - For globe valves "U" parameter can be used to offset the actuators. - For both type of ball valves optional flanges are added. - Lugs and flanges are added to the butterfly-valve script - Gate valve parameters (H5 and H6) are corrected in the sample imperial catalog - App and installer is ready for Plant 3D 2023


Version 1.03 - 2021. 08. 27.: - added script to create mitred joint


Version 1.02 - 2021. 07. 16.: - updated script installation location for Plant 3D 2022 - added script to create safety valves - added script for second type of ball valve geometry


Version 1.01 - 2021. 03. 26.: - Modifying the installer for Plant 3D 2022


First release
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