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3DS Net, Inc.
Automatically annotate orthographic drawings in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D.

General Usage Instructions

First, run the OrthoGen app in order to set up the view style settings and activate the licensing.

Using OrthoGen with Plant 3D is simple. Select the OrthoGen tab on the ribbon bar.

Once OrthoGen is running, use the file browser to locate the drawing files to be annotated. Make sure you have selected the associated project in P3D.

Click on the blue arrow "annotate" button and OrthoGen will annotate the views within the selected drawing.

Use the ViewStyles to tailor the drawing to your preferences.

Please note, OrthoGen must be activated in order for the supporting activities (Viewport Style, Manage Views, CADWorx Equipment Location) to be accessible.

You can check to see if your license is valid by selecting "System Settings".



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


In Plant3D, this is used to activate OrthoGen user interface from the command line.


Execute the .msi file and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: The installation activation requires the computer the app is being installed to be connected to the internet.

Additional Information

If you are experiencing a "License checkout failed", make sure the OrthoGen application is running. Just press the "Launch OrthoGen" to activate it. Doing this acquires the licensing needed by the additional functionality.

Known Issues

This software supports multiple modeling systems. 


Company Name: 3DS Net, Inc.
Company URL: http://www.3DS.net

Author/Company Information

3DS Net, Inc.

Support Information

For product support, please call 281-489-8885 or email support at support@3ds.net.

Selecting 'Help' from within OrthoGen provides access to the User's Manual.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Added feature to allow the user to select which side of the drawing to place external annotations. Multiple fixes to improve pipe elevation labeling, center line placement as well as many others.

OrthoGen 20 now supports Plant 3D 2022. Updated help and Japanese language support.

OrthoGen 20 now supports Plant 3D 2022.

OrthoGen is full of new features plus better error handling of P3D databases.

OrthoGen fixes the error when a trial expires and the software will not allow the user to exit.

OrthoGen resolves issue with 15 day trial usage. The ability to support node based licensing options was activated as well, but for the 15 day trial, select the "Nalp" option. Additional enhancements for drawing annotations have been added including Piping BOP and INV elevation tagging. This version also supports tagging for isometric views and ordinate dimensions. This release also resolves issues with the "Viewport Styles" and "Manage Views" locking up Plant 3D.
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