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With PlantSpecDriven you can assign catalog data from AutoCAD® Plant 3D specs and re-use them in 3D. You can check for inconsistencies between P&ID and 3D. Optional are Flanges and Fasteners in PID.

General Usage Instructions

You start the PlantSpecDriven user interface to configure the link you need.

The wizard will guide you through the steps of configuring the link.

A detailed guide will be shown in the online user documentation.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Opens the main user interface to define the link for PlantSpecDriven using the wizard.


Opens the tree palette of PlantSpecDriven showing the structure of your project.


PlantSpecDriven will be installed like any other windows application. The PlantSpecDriven ribbon will be installed for all installed Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D products on your machine. The PlantSpecDriven ribbon can be found under PlantTools.

Additional Information

Online documentation can be found here.

Known Issues

There are no known issues as of now. Bugs which are reported are fixed ASAP and a new release will be published.


Company Name: auxalia GmbH
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

auxalia GmbH

Support Information

Send an email to and the next available support person will take care of your ticket. Please attach a detailed description preferably as screenshots or video.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

New: New Update Installer (PT-1714) New: Definition of EndCodes which should be used even if PlantSpecDriven is supposed to use the EndCode of the symbol (PT-1657) New: Automatically move Annotations if an Annotation breaks a Line Segment which causes issues for AutoPipe (PT-1686) New: AutoPipe sets Default Flange only when Line Segment starts from an Equipment if pipeline is defined with FlowArrows (PT-1680) Change: Ordered content of dropdown lists in PlantSpecDriven Wizard (PT-1676) Bug fix: PlantSpecDriven tries to assign catalog data to Equipment (PT-1679) Bug fix: Filter expressions are not shown in filter editor in visual mode, but in text mode only (PT-1776) Bug fix: Error (Dialog #00487) when opening a project with no MISC database (PT-1675) Bug fix: 3D Flanges won't always be substituted (PT-1683)

New: Adapted PlantTools for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023 (PT-1571) Change: Updated to DevExpress 21.2.6 for all PlantTools (PT-1580) Change: Remove ACPAssetOwnership table (PT-1554) Change: Switch from PET_GUID to PnPGuid for link between P&ID and 3D (T-1555) Bug fix: Relative URIs in other applications caused an FATAL ERROR (PT-1563) Bug fix: Having an apostrophe in the User Name or PC Name causes problems when accessing PlantTools databases (PT-737)

New: Show info dialog if installed PlantTools doesn't have required minimum version (PT-1441) New: Global Language Setting for all PlantTools (PT-1417) New: Using ProcessPower.dcf for Not-Placed Objects (PT-1079) New: AttributeFlow supports multi-connections of Off-Page Connectors created by OPC Manager in PlantExpressTools (PT-1440) New: Check if used pipe spec is valid while executing AttributeFlow (PT-1464) Bug: AutoPipe isn't executed anymore from PSD tree or line segment's context menu (PT-1508) Bug fix: FATAL CRASH when ribbon tooltips should be shown and PlantTools have different language settings (PT-1393) Bug fix: PlantSpecDriven tree does not show any drawing objects in 'All 3Ds' and 'Project' view (PT-1397) Bug fix: URLs to Online Documentation are pointing to the wrong location (PT-1460)

Change: Background color for a selected node in PlantSpecDriven tree is hardly recognizable when using 'Show in Tree' with light color theme (PT-1381) Bug fix: Port Properties are not handled correctly anymore with AttributeFlow since version 1441 (PT-1387) Bug fix: Error messages when opening a drawing (PT-1375)

New: Support for Inline Instruments (PT-281) New: Flow dependent order of pipe segments and parts (PT-1306) New: Use PET_GUID instead of PnPID to link PID and 3D objects (PT-1071) New: Use PET_GUID instead of PnPID to link PID and NPO objects (PT-1080) New: Create and Fill PET_GUID for PSD on module initialization (PT-1286) Change: Wizard always opens at the upper left-hand corner of the screen (PT-1290) Bug fix: Exception shown inside MustReplaceObject while inserting P&ID Symbol (PT-1358) Bug fix: Plant 3D crashes when expanding the tree of a PipeLineGroup where the PipeLineSegment node is set to be filtered out (PT-1359) Bug fix: Expanding PlantSpecDriven tree could run into an endless loop (PT-1332) Bug fix: PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven try to find the bolt catalog and shows an error message (PT-1303) Bug fix: Class Property for Part Family Check cannot be selected (PT-1254) Bug fix: Inconsistencies with Reductions / Tees due to sizes (PT-1326)

New: Suppressible Catalog and AutoPipe dialogs (PT-1200) New: Suppressible 'Part Selection' dialog (PT-1201) New: Suppressible 'AutoPipe' dialog (PT-1202) New: Suppressible 'No Catalog Data Found' dialog (PT-1203) New: Suppressible 'Catalog data could not be assigned' dialog (Empty Spec) (PT-1252)

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2022 (PT-1029) New: auxaliaLicenseManager automatically runs "Check for Updates..." (PT-160) New: Enabled auto-filtering in PlantSpecDriven tree to search and filter the tree (PT-927) Change: Updated to DevExpress 20.2.6 (PT-1045) Change: No support for AutoCAD P&ID 2016/2017 and AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016/2017 (PT-1037) Change: Changed Trial Period from 30 to 14 days (PT-975) Change: More informative licensing dialogs Change: Replacing standard Windows Message boxes with our own dialogs (PT-748) Change: Implemented F1 to open our own browser Change: Reading images directly from Plant 3D content folder (PT-774) Bug fix: When enabling "Insert Branch Symbols on Drawing Save" Tees weren't inserted (PT-1087) Bug fix: “No catalog data found" dialog appeared twice (PT-1086) Bug fix: Wrong DevExpress style in Bolt Update dialog after entering PlantProjectSetup (PT-1078) Bug fix: AutoPipe is executed only if 'Run AutoPipe on drawing save' is enabled (PT-766) Bug fix: AutoPipe isn't executed anymore from context menus or OnDrawingSave (PT-926) Bug fix: Missing Flow Arrows when having branch symbols inserted with enabled Flow Arrows (PT-739) Bug fix: Missing global dialog title (PT-658) Bug fix: Error when having branch symbols inserted with enabled Flow Arrows (PT-731) Bug fix: Issue when using LISP Command from Tool Palette in combination with inserting branch symbols (PT-732)

New: AutoPipe can insert branch symbols (PT-96) Change: The dialog that warns that catalog data cannot be assigned because the spec property is empty can be deactivated now (PT-632) Bug fix: PipeLineGroups weren't linked between P&ID and 3D anymore since version (PT-619) Bug fix: Error message when inserting a branch symbol manually (PT-637) Bug fix: Command line error message "[PlantSpecDriven] Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" (PT-640)

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2021 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.2.7

Change: New program icons and ribbon images Change: Adapted PSD for working with PET Bolt Calculation Bug fix: Install wasn't initiated after download

New: AttributeFlow can be triggered when deleting segment breakers (e.g. reducers, limits or others) New: Symbol properties of InlineAssets can be filled with PipeLineSegment values through AttributeFlow

Change: Modified dialog for AttributeFlow across drawings

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2020 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.3

New: Additional Rules for AttributeFlow can be defined Bug fix: Suppressing error message when drawing is saved through PDM and PSD still wants to update some changes based on import

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2019 New: SQLite databases created by PlantTools will now use the same database type as the project (SQLite or SQL Server) New: A migration tool for PlantTools databases was added to move SQLite databases to SQL Server Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.7

New: When connectors (Flanges, Gaskets and so on) aren't linked to P&ID anymore (e.g. when moving a valve in 3D), you can relink with the context menu Bug fix: When inserting InlineAssets from the PSD tree, the P&ID drawing was opened, but then the insert command terminated Bug fix: When using SQL Server as the project database, connectors (Flanges, Gaskets and so on) weren't linked to P&ID

Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.3 Bug fix: Added missing DevExpress dlls

New: Support for dark/light color scheme for PSD panel Change: Speed improvements for PSD tree. Replaced tree control and cache pipe specs Change: Check before remaining tasks of AttributeFlow are executed to make sure the tasks aren't obsolete Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.1.5 Bug fix: AttributeFlow tasks of deleted lines don't trigger an error anymore

New: AttributeFlow allows the flow of any Pipe Line property Change: Wizard page 10 for selecting the welding point class was extended to allow the selection of any EngineeringItems and NonEngineeringItems class Bug fix: Symbols connected with SignalLine and PipeLine didn't show in the tree

New: Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2018 Change: Additional deletion for orphaned NPOs

New: Orphaned NPOs can be deleted

Change: On page 13 a new option to switch between PSD always using FL as the predefined EndType for flanges or using the EndType of the valve

New: ACPProcessPower.dcf and relationship types can be created from PSD palette New: Definable colors for link status New: Filter for catalog status Change: Larger dots for link status Bug fix: AutoPipe didn't work from context menu of PSD tree Bug fix: When dragging a line segment to an equipment, PSD will handle nozzles and flanges immediately

New: PlantSpecDriven palette can be disabled (settings) New: Zoom from a P&ID symbol to the 3D object and vice versa. The same works for the PSD tree New: PlantSpecDriven works with XREFed drawings to recognize nozzles in the XREFed drawings New: Small icons show in tree to better indicate the type of P&ID symbol or 3D object New: Classes can be suppressed and filtered in PSD tree (e.g. welds, pipes, elbows) New: The text in the PSD tree can be configured New: Refresh mapped spec data Change: Additional linked fields allow multiple values for filtering Change: Reducer-like symbols now search for Size1>Size2 AND Size2>Size1 Change: Text in context menu of PSD tree change from "Insert" to "Route" when routing PipeLineGroups or PipeLineSegments Change: PartSelection dialog uses a new grid control which allows Excel-like filtering and searching Change: Alternative method of retrieving image name for part selection Bug fix: Changed the way parts are inserted, by considering also the SizeRecordId Bug fix: If the AttributeFlow task list contains lines which no longer exist an error occured

Bugfix: When placing a PipeLineSegment in a 3D drawing sometimes the Tag property could not be set due to a change in Autodesk's API

New: Borrowing of network licenses

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/Plant 3D® 2017 64Bit

Bug fix: Error when selecting a spec in the wizard

New: AutoPipe can be executed on a whole PipeLineGroup as well as a whole drawingBug fix: Update needed due to a new PnPDataObjects.dll in SP1 for AutoCAD® P&ID 2016 and AutoCAD® Plant 2016

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2016
New: AutoPipe can be executed on a whole PipeLineGroup as well as on a whole drawing
Bug fix: Update needed due to a new PnPDataObjects.dll in SP1 for AutoCAD® P&ID 2016 and AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2016

New: Opening DWGs through double-click and context menu in PSD palette
New: If PID object is linked to a 3D object the "Insert" option in context menu is disabled
New: Notification balloon in status bar can be disabled in settings
Bug fix: Page 12 of the Wizard is using symbol names now and not class names anymore

Bug fix: When inserting left flanges, they weren't properly connected with the 3D flanges
Bug fix: The dialogbox for obsolete symbols showed an entry even if the symbol wasn't obsolete

New: Possibility to exclude certain flanges from getting an opposing flange
Bug fix: When using imperial sizes an string error message appeared
Bug fix: When closing the PlantSpecDriven palette the palette couldn't be opened anymore
Bug fix: Some checkboxes on page 14 of the wizard weren't stored
Bug fix: Size wasn't propagated through the AttributeFlow over spec break symbols

Changed: PlantTool is ready for Autodesk Exchange Apps. The PlantTool icons will be found under "Plugins"

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