Python Pipe Support

Python Pipe Support

Win64, English

Tamas Halasz
A small app which will provide big help to create fully customizable pipe and cable tray supports that you can not find in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D by default.

General Usage Instructions

With this app, you will be able to create a pipe and cable tray supports that are not included in Plant 3D by default. All these additional supports are fully customizable and parametric, so they can be modified easily to fit your needs.

After installation just run the PLANTREGISTERCUSTOMSCRIPTS command and restart Plant 3D.

Then in the Spec Editor, you can open your project’s pipe support spec (YOUR PROJECT\Spec Sheets\PipeSupportsSpec.pspc) and add the new supports to it from the provided SAMPLE catalog (YOUR CONTENT FOLDER\CPak Common\Python_Pipe_Support\V-01\Python_Pipe_Support.acat).

From here you can create as many pipe support catalogs as you want, just copy the provided sample catalog (rename it otherwise, it can be overwritten in case of a reinstall!) and create as many new customizable pipe support as you want.

Happy customizing!




The installer is automatically detecting the used Content Folder location for Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015-2025 64-bit versions. So the necessary files will be extracted to the default content center location or any other place you moved the content folder too. It is even working when using the shared content folder.

Register the new scripts inside the AutoCAD Plant 3D program with the PLANTREGISTERCUSTOMSCRIPTS command.

Then please restart the program.

Add your customized supports to your project's Pipe Support Spec (YOUR PROJECT\Spec Sheets\PipeSupportsSpec.pspc) 


  • Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  • Select Python Pipe Support, and then click Uninstall.

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Tamas Halasz

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


Version 1.14 - 2024. 03. 08.: - Installer is modified to support Plant3D 2025.


Version 1.13 - 2024. 01. 11.: - PPS02: more profiles for guides; with negativ B1 value one side of the guides can be turned off - PPS05A new support which is the upside version of the original PPS05 - PPS24: E1 E2 added for overhanging parts on the sides - PPS29: OFZ added for offseting the support from the pipe in the Z direction - PPS29A: new support, copy of PPS29 just the vertical profile is pipe - PPS36: OFZ added for offseting the support from the pipe in the Z direction - PPS47-48 fix: H1 & H2 was too low in the imperial catalog causing error - PPS63: more profiles for guides; vertical support can be turned off - CSGF063: new support, copy of PPS63; but automatic trimmming by the connected pipe is working


Version 1.12 - 2023. 07. 19.: - PPS02 - different limiter profiles are possible - PPS04 - the horizontal profiles can be rotated - PPS47 - different type of profiles can be used for the horizontal and the vertical members - PPS62 - additional profile type added to the limiters - PPS96 - kept because of existing supports, to keep them editable - but obsolate, should not be used anymore, see CSGF096 - PPS09 - NEW support added - PPS101 - NEW support added - CSGF096 - NEW support added, new stanchion type support, automatic cutting will work on both pipes and bends without manually entering the OD of the pipes/bends - ISO symbols filled up - metric and imperial as well


Version 1.11 - 2023. 05. 19.: - Installer supports Plant3D 2024


Version 1.10 - 2022. 12. 16.: - I-Rod® ( supports are added (scripts and full catalog in inches)


Version 1.08 - 2022. 08. 10.: - U-profile option added to PPS 47


Version 1.08 - 2022. 04. 05.: - The installer is updated for Plant 3D 2023 - clevis type support added - band type support added


Version 1.07 - 2021. 12. 16.: - several small tweaks to multiple items - added sample catalog for all supports: both in imperial and metric version - added sample dwg showing all supports: both in imperial and metric version


Version 1.06 - 2021. 11. 09.: - several small tweaks to multiple items


Version 1.05 - 2021. 07. 16.: - updated script installation location for Plant 3D 2022


Version 1.04 - 2021. 03. 26.: - Modifying the installer for Plant 3D 2022


Version 1.03 - 2021. Jan. 27.: - Addition of 16 brand new pipe support types


Version 1.02 - 2020. Apr. 27.: - Modifying the installer for Plant 3D 2021


Initial release
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