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Smart Tray

Win64, English

Tamas Halasz
Route pipes and turn them to cable trays!!! Change the length of the trays in the model. Smart Tray will provide additional flexibility to the users of my Python Cable Tray app users.

General Usage Instructions

The app has five main functions and a setting. 

1. Tray Length

You can change the length of any cable tray in the 3D space if it was created with my Python Cable Tray app without going into the properties window.

2. Pipe Replace

With this function, you can draw your cable trays like pipes. Draw the pipes, insert the bends, tees and reducers as you would while routing pipelines.

3. Tray Replace

This command will turn all cable trays back to pipes.

4. Tray Name

It can auto-generate the Short Description and the Long Description (Size) for any cable tray.

5. Tray List

This command can also generate CSV files

For more usage instructions please check the below link:

Smart Tray - Manual



After downloading the app from the store. Just double-click on the installer 'Smart Tray for Plant 3D.exe' to install the app.


Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features. Select Smart Tools, and then click Uninstall.

Additional Information

Known Issues

Please note that these functions will only work if you are using my Python Cable Tray application for drawing the cable trays.


Company Name: Tamas Halasz
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Tamas Halasz

Support Information

Providing support via email at:

Manual: Smart Tray - Manual

Version History

Version Number Version Description


2024-05-03: Small bugfixing for the pipe to tray conversation in case of using older scripts


2024-04-05: Updated for Plant 3D 2025


Small bugfix for imperial projects.


Initial release.
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