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PlantReporter allows you to create reports from Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D projects without the need of having AutoCAD Plant 3D installed on your machine.

General Usage Instructions

You start the PlantReporter user interface with the icon from your desktop.

A detailed guide will be shown in the online user documentation




PlantReporter will be installed like any other windows application. PlantReporter will be installed for all users of the machine. An Autodesk product is not required.

Additional Information

Online documentation can be found here.

Known Issues

There are no known issues as of now. Bugs which are reported are fixed ASAP and a new release will be published.


Company Name: auxalia GmbH
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

auxalia GmbH

Support Information

Send an email to and the next available support person will take care of your ticket. Please attach a detailed description preferably as screenshots or video.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

- New: Improved text information in Progress Panels when downloading, checking out/in, or removing PlantTool files (PT-2486) - New: Speed improvement when opening a Collaboration project in PlantDataManager and PlantReporter (PT-2639) - New: Do not Check In/Out/Download PlantTools files when using Vault projects (PT-2749) - Bug fix: PlantDataManager/PlantReporter cannot get accorconsole.exe instance in time (PT-2598) - Bug fix: Error when comparing versions/revisions with different values if the property is used in the filter expression (PT-1971) - Bug fix: Comparing reports for 3D parts doesn't show correct coloring and the quantities are missing (PT-1054) - Bug fix: Error when using 'Browse For Folder' dialog to select Export Path for reports (PT-2600) - Bug fix: Error message when selecting some older rcf file (PT-2609)

- Change: Because of compatibility reasons, PlantReporter must be updated as well

New: Adapted PlantTools for Plant 3D 2024 (PT-2112) New: Automatically reload project if PlantReporter wants to restart after choosing a different AutoCAD version (PT-2282) New: Added execution of SQL Scripts when loading a project (PT-2059) New: Separation of Report Layout from 'Report Configuration File (RCF)' (PT-2299) New: Filtering Spec Sheets from drawing reports (PT-2377) Change: Updated to DevExpress 22.2.5 for all PlantTools (PT-2121) Change: Deleting Report Configuration Files will move the the files to the Windows Recycle Bin (PT-2323) Change: Log file isn't written in the correct path (PT-2141) Change: Remove Groups tab from PlantReporter Settings (PT-2331) Change: Remove Other Data Sources tab from PlantReporter Settings (PT-2332) Change: Remove Other Data Sources tab from the main form of PlantReporter (PT-2333) Change: Remove Groups selection from the Project dropdown control (PT-2334) Bug fix: Opening projects less than version 2018 ends in endless loop of restarts (PT-1754) Bug fix: PlantReporter resets settings to default values (PT-2271) Bug fix: PlantReporter doesn't restart when changing the AutoCAD version if a project is already loaded (PT-2270) Bug fix: PlantReporter writes errors in Log file if a Non-BIM project is loaded (PT-2287) Bug fix: When downloading a BIM project using a UDL file for a Link Configuration, the referenced file in the UDL file isn't downloaded in PlantReporter (PT-2222)

New: Adapted PlantTools for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023 (PT-1571) Change: Updated to DevExpress 21.2.6 for all PlantTools (PT-1580) Change: Remove ACPAssetOwnership table (PT-1554) Bug fix: Having an apostrophe in the User Name or PC Name causes problems when accessing PlantTools databases (PT-737)

New: Show info dialog if installed PlantTools doesn't have required minimum version (PT-1441) New: Global Language Setting for all PlantTools (PT-1417) New: Using ProcessPower.dcf for Not-Placed Objects (PT-1079) New: Deactivation of Version/Revision feature in PR for Vault/ACC projects (PT-1399)

New: Support for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022 (PT-1027) New: auxaliaLicenseManager automatically runs "Check for Updates..." (PT-160) Change: Updated to DevExpress 20.2.6 (PT-1043) Change: No support for AutoCAD P&ID 2016/2017 and AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016/2017 (PT-1035) Change: Changed Trial Period from 30 to 14 days (PT-975) Change: More informative licensing dialogs

Change: Changing TimeStamp Format and ProjectType Content in ACPChangeLog.dcf-->ChangeLog table and PDMDataCache.dcf-->DataCache table (PT-729) Change: Implemented F1 to open our own browser Change: Replacing standard Windows Message boxes with our own dialogs (PT-746)

Change: The BIM icons is shown when opening a project from the local BIM work folder (PT-710) Change: Changing TimeStamp Format and ProjectType Content in ACProject.db-->ReportRevision table (PT-699) Change: Updated auxalia logo in report files (PT-703)

Bug fix: Missing 2021 query files for C:\ProgramData\ACPlant Consult\PlantTools\PlantReporter (PT-624) Bug fix: Folders and drawings didn't show in alphabetical order (PT-601) Bug fix: Error when accessing PDMDataCache when using a UNC path (PT-613)

New: Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2021 Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.2.7

Change: New program icons and ribbon images Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.6 Bug fix: Missing DevExpress references

New: Check for not yet imported data of PlantDataManager data cache

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2020 New: Auto-Restart PR when project version doesn't match the version setting in PR Change: Updated to DevExpress 19.1.3

Bug fix: When creating with PlantDataManager, PlantReporter or MigrationTool the PDMDataCache, ACProject or ACPChangeLog databases on SQL Server the GrantPublicRole wasn't set leading to permission issues Bug fix: Error when ReportRevision didn’t exist Bug fix: For SQL projects with SQL Server versions below 2016, some syntax errors were raised when using versions and revisions for reports

Bug fix: When multiple classes were used in a query and Not-Placed Objects were included, the object type (PO, NPO) was not considered during class data merging Bug fix: Comparing reports didn't work anymore since version

New: Support for AutoCAD® Plant 3D 2019 New: 'Clear Value' can be setup rule-based Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.2.7

Geändert: Extended Links werden unterstützt Geändert: Aktualisierung auf DevExpress 17.2.3

Change: Updated to DevExpress 17.1.5

New: Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2018

New: PlantReporter can migrate Autodesk AutoCAD Plant Report Creator files

Bug fix: EngineeringItems.Size property for Plant 3D classes wasn’t calculated

New: Handling of versions/revisions of reports and being able to compare versions/revisions for differences New: New report configuration files for versions/revisions Change: Updated to DevExpress 16.1.5

New: Borrowing of network licenses Bug fix: Automatically install "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" package during setup/update in case is not installed. The package is needed in case no AutoCAD P&ID/Plant 3D 2017 is installed.

Change: Autodesk changed API between Beta and Final release of AutoCAD® P&ID/Plant 3D® 2017 which caused errors

Bug fix: Update needed due to a new PnPDataObjects.dll in SP1 for AutoCAD® P&ID® 2016 and AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2016

New: Support for AutoCAD® P&ID/AutoCAD® Plant 3D® 2016
Change: Updated to DevExpress 14.2.7

Change: PipeLineGroups and SignalLineGroups weren't shown when using drawing views (changes in the PnPDataLink table)

Changed: PlantTool is ready for Autodesk Exchange Apps. The PlantTool's icon will be on your Desktop

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