Content Pack for Victaulic Piping Systems

Content Pack for Victaulic Piping Systems

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
A Piping catalog for use in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. This catalog includes pipes, fittings and valves for Victaulic.

General Usage Instructions

This content pack originally contains the following three catalogs for Victaulic:

 ·         Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat

Compatible Piping components, valves and sample specs for the below materials.

§     Aluminum fittings

§  AWWA fittings and Valves

§  Firelock fittings and valves

§  IPS standard fittings and Valves

§  P304 and P316 fittings and valves

§  PE fittings

§  DI Fittings

§  SS fittings and Valves

§  Australian Standard (AS) Copper Products

§  Advanced Groove System (AGS) Products

§  Aquamine Resuable (AQUA) PVC Products

§  Extra Heavy (ES) Products


For manufacturer’s information updated, we updated below series in this version.

§  Extra Heavy (ES) Products

§  Firelock fittings and valves

§  Advanced Groove System (AGS) Products

§  SS fittings and Valves

§  Australian Standard (AS) Copper Products

§  DI Fittings

Removed some parts expired by manufacturer. Removed parts which did not exist in manufacturer. Rename some parts name.

There were total more than 130 parts removed, more than 60 parts added and about 10 parts renamed.


·         Metric Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat

The specific metric sized components these are compatible with the Victaulic manufacturer, such as pipes, fittings & valves.

·         AWWA Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat

These specific AWWA components created by AWWA standard, such as Pipes, Flange & Fittings.




Installation notes:

This catalog is compatible with AutoCAD Plant3D 2019 & higher release. This installer will copy “Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat”, “Metric Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat”, “AWWA Pipes and Fittings for Victaulic.pcat” into your content Catalog location:

C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D Content\ CPak for Victaulic\

Uninstallation notes:

To uninstall this content pack, please go to Control Panel => Programs => Programs and Features => select the" CPak for Victaulic 2022" => Uninstall

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Version History

Version Number Version Description

Upgrade to 2019 & higher release

Upgrade to 2018 & higher release

Upgrade to 2017 & higher release


Upgrade to 2016 & higher release


Upgrade to 2014 & higher release


Added a few more parts, removed expired parts, fixed some issues; This new version support multiple versions including 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Combine all Victaulic catalogs into one installer Upgrade to 2017 version


Version 2.0.0

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