TotalPurge - the drawing optimization solution.

TotalPurge - the drawing optimization solution.

Win32 and 64, English

Debalance Research Group
TotalPurge is a powerful compact tool that allows you to quickly clear drawings of redundant graphic constructions, as well as to convert various types of objects to polylines.

General Usage Instructions

Launching the application. To launch the application, in the Autodesk® AutoCAD® command line, type _TOTALPURGE, or the respective short alias _TPURGE.

You can also launch the application using the respective button on the toolbar. Selecting objects to be optimized.

There are two ways you can select objects to be optimized: "Select" button. Selects individual objects on the current layout of a drawing. “Select All" button.

Selects all objects on the current layout. Once objects are selected, the program analyzes the obtained data, creates an internal object database, sorts entities by type, filters out and removes from the database objects not to be optimized and damaged entities, creates a list of used layout, and sorts the objects in each layer.

Note: if during the selection of objects the program identifies layers with the "LOCK", "FROZEN" or "OFF" attributes, it displays the respective message in the message window. Objects located in such layers will not be selected.



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TotalPurge is installed using the Setup Wizard. The Wizard searches for available versions of AutoCAD installed on your computer. In case no suitable versions of AutoCAD are found, it notifies you that the installation of TotalPurge cannot be continued. Note. If the Setup Wizard finds several suitable versions of AutoCAD, TotalPurge will be installed for each suitable version of AutoCAD found on your computer. To launch the installation: Close all sessions with open AutoCAD. Run the setup file. Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard.

Additional Information

This software is designed for a broad range of professionals using AutoCAD software as their primary tool. TotalPurge is a plugin – a high-performance application written in C++, which integrates into the AutoCAD environment. A convenient classical setup wizard facilitates the installation of the software to the user's computer (please see Installing TotalPurge for more information). TotalPurge was conceived as a universal solution for clearing drawings (not to be confused with the PURGE command) of redundant graphic objects (entities).On this website (, we are introducing a definition of optimization, which essentially means clearing. Optimization is carried out layer-by-layer; i.e., from a group of selected objects the program filters out objects of a certain type belonging to a specified layer, analyzes the position of those in the drawing, and removes redundant entities that carry excess geometric constructions. On the optimization step, the program can handle the following entity types: LINE, ARC, CIRCLE, and POLYLINE, as well as blocks, which may include objects of all the listed types. Another functional feature of the software is the internal algorithm for converting objects into polylines. In other words, in place of an ordered group of objects the program can create multiple-vertex polylines. In addition, the software implements converting into polylines curve entities, such as - splines; - ellipses - polylines with spline-fit, and curve-fit attributes derived from the AcDb2dPolyline class.

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Debalance Research Group

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Version History

Version Number Version Description

- Added support Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2022.

- Added support Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2021.

- Added support Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2018. - Fixed small issue in installer.

Added support AutoCAD® 2015.

Some bugs fixed.

Added support AutoCAD® 2014

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