ECE Worx Plugins

ECE Worx Plugins

Win32 and 64, English

ECE Design
This plug-in will automate tedious tasks, improve methods, and streamline processes. Most are designed to work with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D and CADWorx®.

General Usage Instructions

After launching Autodesk® AutoCAD® a new ‘ECE Worx Plugin’ Tab should appear in the Ribbon.

If you do not see the ECE Worx Plugin tab a manual load will be required.

At the command prompt type NETLOAD and load RIBBONWorx.dll which is found in the installation folder:

\ECE Design\Worx Plugins\AutoCAD\RIBBONWorx.dll

#Annotate #BOM #BillofMaterials #MTO #Isometrics #Orthos #Piping #Structural #3DModels #Deliverables #PID #StressAnalysis #Dimensioning #Automate #Label #Marks #Data #Views



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


ANNOWorx efficiently inserts identification tags and labels on detail drawings. All annotations are linked so if anything changes in CADWorx or AutoCAD Plant 3D models ANNOWorx will update them.


BUBBLEWorx inserts identification bubbles. It inserts material mark bubbles and associated bill of material tables. Master Material Lists can ensure bubble values across the plan, section and piping isometric drawings are the same. All annotations are linked so if anything changes in CADWorx or AutoCAD Plant 3D (Coming soon!) models BUBBLEWorx will update them.


ISOWorx automates many steps in the piping isometric drawing production inherent to CADWorx and AutoCAD Plant 3D. It gets companies closer to that ever-elusive ‘NO TOUCH ISO’. No longer will users have to manually rename files, updating border attributes, updating sheet to sheet continuations, and much more.


LINKWorx highlights, or traces, P&ID drawings to establish live links between them and other critical drawings such as inspection circuits. It also automatically populates hyperlinks on to drawing symbols which establishes Intelligent PDF files that integrate with SOCKETWorx.


MTOWorx reaches into CADWorx and AutoCAD Plant 3D models and performs material take-off (MTO) functions. Its feature-rich interface offers an unparalleled report and comparison tools for BOMs. Because it gathers up all the piping, equipment and structural information it satisfies all material take-off requirements.


SHEETWorx reaches into Excel worksheets and places cell values within CAD drawing templates. It can position CAD Blocks at predetermined locations and populate attributes with worksheet data providing the ability to data drive graphics too. It simply automates drawing production from Excel worksheets.


STRESSWorx helps streamline the pipe stress analysis process. CAD functions group piping routes and restraints into stress systems. Each system is populated with visible and modifiable analytical nodes which are exported to neutral files (cii) which CAESAR II, AutoPIPE, or many other applications import. STRESSWorx extracts more data from CADWorx® piping models, so stress analyst get more robust analytical models to start with.


VIEWWorx Simplifies and automates orthographic and isometric detail drawings from AutoCAD 3D models. This task is accomplished by quickly establishing Named Views which then are used to automate drawing creation, by placing one or more of them in PaperSpace.


This plugin uses a custom installer, not the standard Autodesk App Store Installer.

Follow these installation steps:
Caution: Close all AutoCAD applications before installing the Worx Plugins

Step 1: Navigate to the download folder and find the Worx_Plugins_Setup.exe file

Step 2: Right-click and select Properties. If the option to Unblock is available at the bottom of the window, select to unblock, then Press “OK”.

Step 3: Right-click again and select Run as Administrator. This will launch the installation application.

Step 4: Multiple windows will appear prompting for actions during the installation. Satisfy each one to continue through the process

Step 5: Worx Plugin installs a few runtime drivers for licensing. Click OK to satisfy and close these installation notification windows.


To uninstall this plugin, run the installer again or go to Control Panel --> Programs --> Uninstall a program; and uninstall like a standard program. 

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Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2022 Compatibility Minor Bug Fixes and Features For a complete list, please visit:


Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2021 Compatibility Minor Bug Fixes


Initial release.
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