ECE Worx Plugins

ECE Worx Plugins

Win32 and 64, English

ECE Design
This plug-in will automate tedious tasks, improve methods, and streamline processes. Most are designed to work with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D and CADWorx®.

General Usage Instructions

After launching Autodesk® AutoCAD® a new ‘ECE Worx Plugin’ Tab should appear in the Ribbon.

If you do not see the ECE Worx Plugin tab a manual load will be required.

At the command prompt type NETLOAD and load RIBBONWorx.dll which is found in the installation folder:

\ECE Design\Worx Plugins\AutoCAD\RIBBONWorx.dll

#Annotate #BOM #BillofMaterials #MTO #Isometrics #Orthos #Piping #Structural #3DModels #Deliverables #PID #StressAnalysis #Dimensioning #Automate #Label #Marks #Data #Views




This plugin uses a custom installer, not the standard Autodesk App Store Installer.

Follow these installation steps:
Caution: Close all AutoCAD applications before installing the Worx Plugins

Step 1: Navigate to the download folder and find the Worx_Plugins_Setup.exe file

Step 2: Right-click and select Properties. If the option to Unblock is available at the bottom of the window, select to unblock, then Press “OK”.

Step 3: Right-click again and select Run as Administrator. This will launch the installation application.

Step 4: Multiple windows will appear prompting for actions during the installation. Satisfy each one to continue through the process

Step 5: Worx Plugin installs a few runtime drivers for licensing. Click OK to satisfy and close these installation notification windows.


To uninstall this plugin, run the installer again or go to Control Panel --> Programs --> Uninstall a program; and uninstall like a standard program. 

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ECE Design

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Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2021 Compatibility Minor Bug Fixes


Initial release.
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