Content Pack for Tuchenhagen Piping Systems

Content Pack for Tuchenhagen Piping Systems

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Autodesk, Inc.
A Valves catalog for use in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. This catalog includes VARIVENT and ECOVENT Hygienic Valves from GEA Tuchenhagen.

General Usage Instructions

This content pack contains VARIVENT and ECOVENT Hygienic Valves for GEA Tuchenhagen, including

•Shut-off Valves

•Divert Valves

•Mixproof Shut-off Valves

•Mixproof Shut-off Valves with Seat Lifting

•Mixproof Divert Valves

•Tank Bottom Valves


These hygienic valves are used particularly for the brewing, beverages, dairy and food industries, as well as for the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology and fine-chemicals industries. Their welding ends comply with ASME-BPE-a-2004 and DIN 11866 series C.




Installation notes:

This catalog is compatible with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2019 & higher versions. This installer will copy “Valves for Tuchenhagen.pcat” into your Content Catalog location:

 ·         C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D Content\ CPak for Tuchenhagen\

Uninstallation notes:

To uninstall this content pack, please go to Control Panel => Programs => Programs and Features => select the"CPak for Tuchenhagen 2022" => Uninstall

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