Nozzle Content Pack

Nozzle Content Pack

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This Nozzle content pack was developed from the following source catalogs. 

  • Content Pack for AGRU Piping Systems
  • Content Pack for Bondstrand Piping Systems
  • Australian Pipe and Fittings
  • Content Pack for AMERICAN Piping Systems
  • AS Pipes and Fittings
  • ASME Pipes and Fittings – In-the-Box
  • AWWA Pipes and Fittings – In-the-Box
  • AWWA Content Pack
  • DIN Pipes and Fittings – In-the-Box
  • GB Piping Content Pack
  • JIS Piping Content Pack
  • JIS – JPI Piping Content Pack

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Version 15.0.6100.3, 3/31/2023
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  • 在SPEC EDITOR中,元件库中找不到GB标准的管嘴,
    Gao Feng | March 29, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    在plant3d2021版的spec editor中有asme,din ,jis等,但找不到GB标准,虽然安装文件说有GB标准

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