Creating of Audio/Video/Broadcasting Schemes

Creating of Audio/Video/Broadcasting Schemes

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AADB is a pack of plugins for a CAD software to create Audio/Video/Radio/OB Vans/Extra Low Voltage Systems/CCTV/Data Networks schemes. AADB accelerates processes of creating schematic drawings, cable labeling, rack layouts and equipment specifications. AADB can help users to minimize errors, connected to human factor. AADB is integrated into CAD environment to use all CAD tools simultaneously with AADB tools to solve specific designing tasks.


Our advantages:

- user can start working immediately: AADB already has free databases of devices (Crestron, AJA, Gefen, Blackmagic Design, Tascam and more);

- using AADB Base Manager Portable App user can create schematic blocks databases on any PC, and then easily import them to AADB;

- each type of connectors uses its own Layer. Use AADB_default.dwg file with assigned colors to the Layouts;

- databases may contain info about hardware and software options. So user can configure a device as he needs;

- using ChangeFilters plugin user can create a device with demanded interconnections;

- there is no need to manipulate with plot scales into your CAD program to achieve best results in plotting the drawings. Just use 1:1 Plot Scale;

- user can generate full equipment specification of a drawing in .xls format at any time;

- fast and easy cable labeling of group of cables at once.


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About This Version

Version 1.1.9, 2/27/2018
1. New feature of MarkCables plugin: "Check for duplicates" feature helps to avoid duplicate cable labels in the drawing. 2. New interface of MarkCables plugin. 3. New feature of AADB plugin: "Check Sysname" feature helps to avoid duplicate unique system names for different devices in the drawing.

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