Parametric Cable Tray Plugin

Parametric Cable Tray Plugin



In industry, cable trays are used for routing the bulk of power, control, and communication cables, ensuring they are neat and organized. Often there arises the need to simulate the cable tray route in 3D model space before its installation in the field, to visualize the layout, verify for system clashes/overlaps, and produce isometric drawings. Sadly, most software available for this task is way too expensive. This App is your answer to that very problem.


Following are the outline features of this app:

  • Start designing complex cable tray routing with ease in a user-friendly environment,
  • Smooth, self-guided installation and uninstallation,
  • Locates which version of Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D is installed on the system and provides the user with a list of options to choose installation for each version,
  • Python-based parametric tray components which you can easily alter in model space as your needs,
  • Components' geometry is created as per industrial codes and standards i.e. IEEE-422, IEEE-628, IEC-61537, and NEMA-V1,
  • Geometry profile is Flange-In, C-Shape,
  • One-click isometric generation,
  • Option to choose from Ladder style tray or Solid bottom or even Perforated bottom trays with provision to add covering lid,
  • Component catalog containing 15 basic components in each tray style with and without covers. So total of 86 components to choose from,
  • Pre-loaded specification sheets of most used component sizes and flexibility to modify as per project needs,
  • User manual with detailed instructions,
  • Low cost, rich content, and user-friendly usage

About This Version

Version 1.0.0, 9/19/2023
The first release of the app with 86 tray components in Ladder Style, Solid Bottom, and Perforated Bottom with Flange-In C-Profile Geometry

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  • Will not install
    David Graves | November 29, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Purchased this but it will not install.  Stops at version select screen and will not allow you to select Plant version.

    Muhammad Shoaib Anjum (Publisher) | November 30, 2023

    I am really sorry to hear that. I haven't had any complaints from other customers so far about this issue. Seems to be unique with your installation. I have also tested it once again and recorded a video for you. Please take a look. [!Au52JhdcE-FygZxRopq8db2ngSlamg?e=ZI0zFf ] I would like to know what went wrong here. So, if you could please tell me following so I can look into it; 1. Please state your AutoCAD Plant 3D version installed 2. Share the P3D installation location and its content folder location 3. Share HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\\\SOFTWARE\\\\Autodesk registry entry Meanwhile, if it's okay with you then I will send you an email with source files and instruction on how to get it going. Kindly let me know and I will send you the email right away.

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