British Standard (10365) Structural Steel Sections

British Standard (10365) Structural Steel Sections



In this Structural catalog file below mentioned Structural Steel Sections are added as per BS EN 10365 Standard along with their weight. 

·         Parallel flange I sections IPE

·         Wide flange beams HE

·         Extra wide flange beams HL and HLZ

·         Wide flange columns HD

·         Wide flange bearing piles HP

·         Wide flange bearing piles UBP

·         Universal beams UB

·         Universal columns UC

·         Taper flange I sections IPN

·         Taper flange I sections J

·         Parallel flange channels UPE

·         Parallel flange channels PFC

·         Taper flange channels UPN

·         Taper flange channels U

·         Taper flange channels CH

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