TRICLAMP Tube Fitting Catalogue & Spec 2019

TRICLAMP Tube Fitting Catalogue & Spec 2019




This Content Pak contains block based TriClamp Ferrules, 

TriClamp Nozzles, TriClamp Caps, Heavy Duty TriClamps, Light Duty TriClamps, TriClamp to Male 

Bevel Seat Fittings, TriClamp to Female Bevel Seat Fittings, Pressure Instrument, Temperature 

Instrument, Bottom Outlet 180° Tees and Side Outlet 180° Tees. 

Additional parametric objects have also been added to the Default Pharma content. These include additional reducers, additional pulled elbows, additional pulled tees, ferrules with true TC flare OD and instrument tees.

All components in this content pack are provided in Imperial and Metric versions.

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Version 1.0.0, 7/5/2018
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