DIN 11850 Tube Fittings Valve Instrument Catalog

DIN 11850 Tube Fittings Valve Instrument Catalog



This package includes Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D Catalogue, Spec, and 3D Block Symbol Library for use in modeling DIN11850 piping in Plant 3D.

Pipe size: DN10 - DN200

Instruments: Pressure gauge (DN20-DN25), regulator (DN10-DN20), filter housing (DN20-DN25)

Fittings: Bend 45 (DN10-DN200), reducer (DN15-DN150), cap (DN10-DN150), Clamp union (DN20-DN50), Bend 90 (DN10-DN200), Tee short (DN15-DN200), coupling (DN10-DN150), Long Bend 90 (DN10-DN200), Tee reducer (DN15-DN200), Tee Long (DN10-200)

Valves: Globe valve (DN20-DN80), Ball valve with clamp (DN20-DN40), Motorized ball valve (DN15-DN65), mixproof 4-way valve (DN50-DN100), manual membrane valve (DN40-DN65), U-type membrane valve (DN25-DN50), Butterfly manual valve (DN20-DN100), Sample valve (DN25), Steam trap (DN40), Ball valve thread (DN10-DN50), check valve sanitary (DN15-DN100), Pneumatic butterfly valve (DN25-DN125)

Flange: DN10-DN200

Supports: DN10-DN200

Miscellaneous: Coarse strainer (DN50-DN80)

Valve, gauge, fitting, instrument mainly are block-based components

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