DIN 11850 fitting valves Python catalog - Imperial

DIN 11850 fitting valves Python catalog - Imperial



This package includes custom Python script, block-based components for use in modeling DIN 11850 (EN 10357) piping in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. The catalog is fully support to export Isometric drawing including Mixproof 4-way valve, Change over valve, shutoff valve. List of components see the Screenshoot for more details.


  • Pipe: DIN 11850 series 2 (pipe OD 13 19 23 29 35 41 53 70 85 104 129 154 204mm). Long Description (Size) is from 3/8" to 8"
  • Instruments: Pressure gauge, Temperature gauge, Pressure transmitter, Temperature transmitter, Flowmeter, Filter housing
  • Fittings: Bend 45, Reducer, Blind ferrule, Bend 90, Tee short, Coupling, Long Bend 90, Tee reducer, Tee Long, Clamp, 3 segments clamp, High pressure clamp, etc.
  • Sanitary Valves: Mixproof 4-way valve, Change over valve, Manual membrane valve, Butterfly manual valve, Check valve sanitary, Pneumatic butterfly valve, Ball valve sanitary, etc.
  • Flange
  • Supports
  • Miscellaneous: Coarse strainer


All components are custom python scripts, so you can change the length pipe, the number of ports, head automation, the type of connection (plain, ferrule or coupling), etc. DIRECTLY IN THE DRAWING


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Verzió 2.0.2, 2023. 10. 11.
Add multi-body valve

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