DIN 11866-B fittings valves Python catalog

DIN 11866-B fittings valves Python catalog



This catalog includes all common fittings, instruments and valves with DIN 11866 Series B standards. Pipe OD also compatible with ISO 1127 Series 1 standard.

Highly customizable components include: Clamps, Coupling, Fittings, and Valves are Python custom script components. They are suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Dairy projects in Europe and Worldwide.


Pipe size range: 17.2 - 21.3 - 26.9 - 33.7 - 48.3 - 60.3 - 76.1 - 88.9 - 114.3 - 139.7 - 168.3 - 219.1mmLong Description (Size) is DN10 - DN200.


All components are custom Python script, so you can change length pipe, number of ports, head automation, type of connection (plain, ferrule or coupling), etc. DIRECTLY IN THE DRAWING


Isometric symbols for Multiport valves, Mixproof valves in this catalog is available, make it easy for exporting Isometric drawing.

Check out the Screenshot for available components.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Verzió 2.4.0, 2024. 05. 07.
Compatible with 2025

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