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Fast Track Plant

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By using the Fast Track Plant app, you will be able to modify AutoCAD® P&ID tools more quickly, and model in AutoCAD® Plant 3D more efficiently. P&ID Tools include, among other things, picking spec driven valves and properties, removing blank insulation from line tags, and moving individual attributes. In the 3D model, a line isolation palette is included to help you isolate lines by line number and across drawings. Routing tools are also included to help routing within pipe racks.


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Note: This application uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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이 버전 정보

버전 1.0.17018, 2018-05-11
1.0.17018 Fixed P&ID spec dialog prompting, and some validation issues. Added SETPROJECTBYBLOCK to update all project block color to ByBlock. 1.0.16299 Remove the Deploy Scripts button since it's not being used. 1.0.16286 Fixed a bug where the spec directory for Spec-Driven P&IDs didn’t update when the project was changed. Verified Spec-Driven P&IDs work with Vault Fixed bugs where valves wouldn’t show if out of spec if the line size changed Fixed a bug in the BATCHLINETAGTRIMUPDATE where it wouldn’t update pipe run components.

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