Voice Assistant for CAD software

Voice Assistant for CAD software



This mobile application is designed for architects and engineers who use  Autodesk® AutoCAD® Software. It serves as an assistant that comprehends over 1000 AutoCAD commands. The app connects to your personal computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to voice your commands without the need to navigate the program's interface.

Furthermore, our app offers an extensive library of DWG-format blocks spanning 23 categories such as trees, furniture, symbols, transportation, and more. This collection includes high-quality blocks, including versatile dynamic blocks.

Unlock the power of remote block insertion in the AutoCAD environment with our mobile app. Empower yourself with tools for rotation, scaling, and mirroring, revolutionizing your design interaction.

Additionally, the app includes a mechanism for memorizing individual command pronunciation nuances. Occasionally, the voice recognition engine might be uncertain about the precise command spoken by the user. In such cases, the engine will present the user with multiple suggestions for the best result. Often, one of these options will include the desired command. The engine learns from this choice, ensuring smoother execution in subsequent attempts.

Users can also enhance voice recognition efficiency by recording their voice commands or naming them differently, using a dedicated tool. The voice recognition engine incorporates these preferences, further personalizing the experience.

To start using the application, simply download the small program available at https://assistantcad.com. Install CAD Assistant for desktop on the computer. This program is designed to establish a connection between the app and your computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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버전 1.8.11, 2024-05-29
Fixed version with improved connectivity.

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