Adjust the area of a polyline by moving one or more of its sides until it reaches the area specified by the user. 

The features of each version of this application include:


ArqAdjustArea features


Adjust multiple sides

You can select one or more sides of the polyline to achieve desired area.


Multiple uses

It can be used for any kind of job, such as: architecture, topography, mechanics, etc.


Keep associated fields and hatches

Associated fields and hatches are updated to reflect the changes made to the polyline.


High accuracy of final area

The application adjusts the polyline to achieve the area with a minimal deviation (about 0.0001%)


100% free application

You can use this application with no time or usage limits and completely for free.


Quick area calculation

Save a lot of time by adjusting a polyline area in just a few seconds.




This application has the following limitations:

  • It doesn't work with polylines that have curved segments.
  • It doesn't work with polylines that cross itself.
  • It only works with "LWPOLYLINE" entities.
  • The polyline final area may have a deviation of a 0.001% of the area specified by the user.


Visit http://www.woopaloo.com/en/apps/arqadjustarea for more information.

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버전 1.0.0, 2016-11-24
Initial release

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