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AXELERATOR is central component library for plant design with intelligent and fully parametric Python components and tremendous time-saving features that make it an ideal tool for handling 3D drawings for pipe installations. No longer will you just be designing, you'll be 'Axelerating'.


AXELERATOR’s smart library for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D contains more than 10 000 in-line components, from more than 20 manufacturers and is continuously updated.

Currently, the library boasts an array of various valve types, accessorized with components like actuators, solenoid valves, and several kinds of position indicators. It also includes strainers, instruments, couplings, and expansion joints.

The products are available in all selectable sizes to enable application regardless of pipe dimension and pressure class.


A complete and updated list of the components available in AXELERATOR can be found HERE

The manufacturers and distributors that are available are


  • Axel Larsson AB
  • Dahl AB
  • Fagerberg AB
  • Parker AB
  • Parker Transair
  • Siemens AB


Featuring two pipe specs:

  • The component library with valves and instruments called Axelerator 
  • Parker Transair BSP-ISO 


 The manufacturers and models included are:


  • ABO Valve SRO  - Series 900 and 2E3
  • Altech - 2006, 2012M, 2012NDL, 2013M and 2049
  • Argus - FK79
  • Atomac AKH 2 + AKH 2.2
  • AZ Armaturen
  • Castflow - ball check valve
  • End Armaturen - FW 
  • Erhardt - BA43E000, BA85E000 and Infinity
  • IMP Armature - Art. 435 NORVA
  • GEFA - HG1, KG9
  • KROHNE - H250 M40, OPTIFLUX 4000, OPTISONIC 3400, BM26A, OPTIMASS 6000, OPTIFLEX 7200, OPTISWIRL 4200C, OPTISWITCH 5100 and 5200, OPTIWAVE 7400C
  • Mars - Series 55, 77, 88
  • NAF - Duball DL, Triball
  • Orbinox - EK
  • Parker - 7321B, 221G6, PA, Transair pipe spec
  • Persta - 700 JJ
  • Pekos - Z04 and Z06
  • Proha - Sampling valve
  • Safi - 2014, 2029, 3600, 3610, 3700, 3800
  • Siemens - Sitrans MAG1100 and MAG55100, Sitrans P320/420
  • Stenflex A1, A2 and A4
  • Tecofi - VBG 4400, VG6400 and VG3400
  • Valtek - GS V701
  • Value Valves - 910 and 913
  • VYC Industrial - 147, 170, 179 and 496
  • Worcester - A44, A459, F53, F54, F519, F529, F819 F829


-No more STEP-files

With AXELERATOR, gone are the days of sifting through supplier websites to locate, download, and convert STEP files for each product. Moreover, AXELERATOR safeguards you from errors by correcting your selections if you choose a product with unsuitable dimensions or pressure classes for your installation. The built-in configurator empowers you to directly set up the components within the software.


-All metadata included

Every component within the system comes fully detailed with metadata such as manufacturer, pressure class, weight, material, article number when available, and so forth. Essentially, all the data you once had to input manually is now pre-integrated into the configurator. This eliminates potential inaccuracies with article numbers, pressure classes, or other data that could pose challenges in the project and create problems for the client. With AXELERATOR, accuracy is assured right from the start, and the time saved offers you an initial advantage in your project.


-Convenient BOM-lists

Once you finalize your design and drawing, you can generate more adaptable Bill of Materials (BOM) lists that serve as a purchasing guide, specifying the item numbers for all components. This method ensures no time is wasted, reduces the risk of erroneous orders, and frees up time for other productive tasks. It's a process that is simple, efficient, and user-friendly.


How does it work? 

To use AXELERATOR, locate and click on the AXELERATOR icon in the tab menu to launch the user interface. You will be presented with the AXELERATOR tool that allows you to filter or search for the specific component you require. Once you find the desired component, highlight it and either click the 'Insert' button or simply double-click on the component. This action will return you to your drawing, where you can now place the selected component. It's as simple and straightforward as that.


AXELERATOR uses link spec to project This offers two advantages:

  1. The user will have the same spec in all projects, regardless of the age of the project.
  2. Those who work with vault projects do not have to update the spec in Autodesk® Vault® whenever there is a new version of the Axeleratorspec. Each user simply has to make sure to have the most up-to-date spec.



To gain access to any updates and additions to the AXELERATOR library the user is required to click the update content button in the info menu. It is recommended to do this regularly. In future versions, this will be automatic.



  • This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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버전 4.1.0, 2024-07-05
Added Parker Transair BSP ISO pipespec Supporting Plant 3D 2021-2024.

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