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Read all sections of your Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis databases.

General Usage Instructions

Like all add-ins under Robot Structural Analysis, you can add "SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog" to the list of your favorite applications.

Add-ins Manager process (Add-ins help page)

  • Start Robot with an open project,
  • In the menu, go to <Add-ins>
  • Select <Add-ins Manager>
  • Click [...] at the end of the "File path" text box
  • Select the SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog.exe file downloaded from the store
  • Change the option name if necessary
  • Click [Add] and close the dialog box. 


SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog is mainly used in addition to Robot Structural Analysis functions.

  • Start SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog
  • Select a database or browse for a folder
  • Select a section type
  • Read your catalog of sections.




This software is provided in the form of a portable application and therefore does not require any installation phase to be usable, nor an uninstallation phase to be deleted.

The program can be used as soon as SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog.exe is downloaded from the store.

To remove the program from the computer, all you have to do is delete its files (or the directory where it was copied if this directory only contains this software (you will also delete the user shortcut(s) you may have created).

The advantage is the absence of registrations / un-registrations in the Windows Registry in the Windows components reservoir or in other places where traces of installable applications are present.

It is neither advisable nor necessary to keep older versions of this program because SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog does not store data and does not have specific functionality that needs to be restored.

The program can only be used if you have administrator rights or if the qualified person with these rights has previously installed the program on your system and authorized you to use it.

Additional Information

For improved user experience, it is advisable to explore various installation alternatives by reading the “Install – Readme – App Store.pdf” file and forum page.

Publisher Privacy Policy:

This program:

  • Did not require the use of the Autodesk SDK
  • Does not collect any user data 
  • Does not use any analytics tools, advertising networks, and third-party SDKs

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Company Name: Stéphane KAPETANOVIC
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