The SectionXmlDatabaseCatalog program is designed to read Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis system and user section databases and is written without third-party libraries or APIs, utilizing commonly used XML classes.


Operating in console mode, this program allows you to simultaneously and efficiently read all section catalogs located in a specified folder providing a quick overview for implementing structural designs.  


For forum users here is the link to the topic page. Please find the video tutorial here.


Note : 

This app uses a custom installer with a .zip file (and not the standard App Store installer).

This freeware is designed as a lightweight portable software for easier distribution and therefore does not require an install/uninstall phase by a standard installer, neither to work nor to be removed.

(For more details, read the installation help document and the Installation/Uninstallation paragraph)

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Version, 1/22/2024
Initial release

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