With Spider Pro you will be able to:


·         Create rigid links for multiple column-slab joints with diverse options

·         Create rigid links for multiple beam-wall joints

·         Create multiple drop panels and connect them to the slab using rigid links

·         Create rigid links along the length of the bar to connect bars to panels or to connect panels with panels

·         Convert selected columns to walls

·         Convert all rigid links in the model to bars with the predefined section

·         Easily modify the length of the selected bars

·         Convert beams to shells with numerous settings

·         Easily modify load contour for selected loads

·         Easily modify the contour of the panel or opening

·         Select panels according to the applied vertical load value. The selection is limited to planar load and uniform planar load on a contour.

·         Switch off automatic panel selection in the contour plane for selected load case

·         Easily create stairs according to the selected rectangular contour. The contour shall have 4 vertices.

·         Easily check the area loads and create colorful load maps  

·         Easily change the start or end node for selected bars

·         Align coordinates for nodes based on the selected node

·         Measure distance between 2 nodes

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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About This Version

Version 1.9, 6/27/2019
What's new in this version: - Possibility to correct coordinates of nodes based on the selected node - A user can easily check the distance between the selected nodes - Bug fixing and improving the usability

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    STEFANO ROMEO PASQUINI | June 27, 2019

    Dear Robot Users, I got SpiderPro almost two years ago, and whit it I saved hundreds hours in modeling....I find that there are a lot of incredibly useful functions, and the development is always "on the wave".

    I want to strongly advice this tool to everybody who use Robot.

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