In any structure, on each added floor, several walls need to be modelled and with them also the doors, windows, and technical openings.

Walls are the most important part of the modelling process and must be precise.


With Extrude Lines you can easily raise the walls from floor elements such as the slab and its openings from lines or polylines drawn from DXF/DWG background, and from floor beams. It will be easier for you to only fill the height, saving you time which you can use for other works.


Extrude Lines is a smooth program, built for long running and stoppable jobs, designed from a dialog box always on top.


You will appreciate it for its ease of use. Jobs can be deleted with the Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis undo command and unwanted extruded elements can be selected and simply deleted.




Select node, bar, superbar, line, polyline, or contour, select the axis of extrusion, indicate the distance (+/-), set the switch button to the global or local system, check or uncheck the removing checkbox and click on Ok.


The local object system (OCS) option works with bars, arcs, flat polylines and contours; for other objects the global system (GCS) is used.


For forum users here is the link to the topic page. Extrude Lines can be used with SplitArc.

Please find the video tutorial here.


Note : 

This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

This freeware is designed as a lightweight portable software for easier distribution and therefore does not require an install/uninstall phase by a standard installer, neither to work nor to be removed.

(For more details, read the following help document in the Installation/Uninstallation paragraph)

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